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Ella shrugged, "If you'd want to. And when he gets out he has no where to go, so I invited him to stay with me at my apartment."

"WHAT?" This time, it was Doug in shock. Ella hadn't told him this before. "Woah, back up. You are not letting him stay with you."

"Just until he can get his own place and get his life in order." Ella said.

"No, you aren't doing that. Seeing him from behind a sheet of glass is one thing, but having him be your new roommate... we don't even live together. It'll be you and him. Alone."

Heather scoffed, "Whatever, it's obviously too late to convince you of how dumb you sound."

Ella was getting upset. The way she saw it, she was doing a good thing. She was being the better person. "I'm not dumb. Maybe too trusting, and yes, maybe even a little foolish. But you are all judging Kyle based on his past. You haven't seen him since he was locked up."

"He calls me and the things he says... he hasn't changed." Heather said. "But it's your funeral."

"It's just not a good idea at all El, listen to us." Ryan pleaded. "It's not safe."

"Enough, okay? I get it. Fine, Torie, you can come with me and visit him. I'll show you that he's changed. When he first went to prison, he was assaulted by some of the men there, and he's-"

"Sexually? Good. He deserves it." Heather folded her arms, not in the least feeling sorry for him. "He's used his good looks to get his way all his life."

"Yes, and being the victim now, he realizes what he's done and he does feel remorse. I know he does." Ella sighed, "Anyway, I'm not going to try and convince any of you and, honestly, I wish he was in jail for the rest of his life, but he's not and that's something I'm trying to deal with as best I can. Maybe all he needs is a friend."

"You look lovely now. The others are in the kitchen, standing around and drinking wine, I believe. Topic of conversation right now, if I overheard right, is Quinton." Luke shook his head. "I suppose Torie's probably glad it's not her relationship. Did you two hear what happened? If not, I'm not going to say anything, I'll let Torie talk about it if she wants."

Luke checked on the kids in the living room. "Hey, the two of you want to watch a movie now?"

"FROZEN!" Rowan screamed, the Disney movie being one of her favourites.

Luke chuckled, "You watched it a few days ago."

Rowan happily started singing Let It Go, as Luke put the movie in. He smiled, "There you go. Did you two want lunch? You must be hungry."

"PBJ!" Rowan clapped. "Can we, Dad?"

Luke couldn't help but chuckle at his daughter's simple taste in food. Waffles for breakfast and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. She could have anything, and that was what she wanted. "Okay, PB and J it is."

Luke then walked back into the kitchen. "Sorry to interrupt, but we have hungry kids. Rowan wants PB and J. Isn't that adorable? My little princess enjoys the simple things in life. I can't believe she's already 3."

"Aiden's birthday's soon too, isn't it? Before you know it, they'll both be teenagers." Ella smiled, glad for the interruption.

"No! Hopefully that never happens. But luckily, Oliver will be going through that stage first and boys are way easier to handle."

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