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"What else is new? That's pretty much expected when she's left in a room with Ella." Ryan replied, standing up off the couch. "But your right, we should go see what's going on."
"You could at least try." Luke agreed. "It's definitely worth a shot if you want to have an honest relationship. Secrets only cause stress."
Kevin gathered his strength and headed up to the private room. He walked in and forced a smile to appear strong, although inside, he had never felt so scared. The problems with his wife, compounded by seeing his mother sick in the hospital with cancer... "Hey." He said quietly as he walked over to them.

"Kevin, I'm glad you could make it." His mother smiled over at him. "I see you're alone. That's probably for the best."

"How are you?"

"Fine, Kevin. I'm fine. The results of the tests haven't came back, but I have a good feeling." She replied.

"That's at least something. Mind over matter, right?" Kevin said, sitting down in a chair beside the bed, next to Natalie. "Are dad, Joey, and Cathy here?"

"Dad and Joey are getting some coffee downstairs." Natalie explained.

"And Cathy?"

"I tried calling her, but she's being extremely difficult to get a hold of." Natalie told him.

"It's fine. She's probably busy with her own family. Like I said earlier to every one else, I don't blame her. And it's not that important that she's here." Nina said. "I'll call her with the results of the test later."

Looking at Nina, Kevin couldn't help but notice how healthy she looked. Anyone outside of their family would have absolutely no clue of the illness within her. But Kevin also noticed a difference in her voice. Though an actress, Kevin could see through his mother's act. She was trying her beat to hold it together, to put on a strong face for everyone, but every once and a while... Kevin noticed a slip. Changes in tones, the look in her eyes, the quiver in her lip as she'd stop herself from frowning.

"Mom... everything is going to be okay." Kevin put a hand on her shoulder. "We're all here for you, and Cathy, Torie, and everyone else that loves you is here for you in spirit. I've never met a stronger woman in my life."

"Not even your wife? She's one tough cookie." Nina replied, feeling comforted by Kevin's words.

"She's tough, but you're the toughest." Kevin smiled and kissed his mom on the cheek.

"Thank you, Kevin." Nina smiled back. "So, how are things with Torie and Aiden?"

Kevin's smile faded. "Aiden's doing well. He's at a friend's birthday party right now, probably having a blast. Victoria... I'm not going to lie, things aren't great right now. I'm hoping it's just a hormonal thing and she snaps out of it, but... I don't know. My drinking got me into trouble again and even though it's my first real slip since rehab, I think she's had enough of me."

"Kevin, don't say that... Couples fight sometimes, but you love Victoria and she loves you, right? You'll work it out." Nina rubbed his hand as she held it.

"I'm not so sure, Mom. I hope you're right." Kevin sighed.

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