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Base Credit: Roll Base by Felirile on deviantART
Name: Violetta Valentina
Fandom: X-Men

Appearance: Violetta was born with dark violet hair and lavender eyes that sparkle when a mission is completed. Her athletic body is great for helping her fight crime and serving up justice. She moves with elegance and grace as she walks. Never once showing any sign of clumsiness. Violetta usually wears her rose colored jumpsuit, sleek black belt, and high rise boots.

Personality: She is very good at speaking and is a natural born leader. Violetta is considered to be serious, but lets loose when she's with her close friends. While demanding at times her team respects her and heeds her wisdom.

Powers/Skills: Violetta's gift is the ability to gain a person's best talent through physical contact. It doesn't matter if you're a human or a mutant. Whether you're good at painting or posses the power of fire, if Violetta touches you she can now use that talent whenever she desires. The talent she absorbs never leaves her and she can use them whenever she wants. Basically unlimited power.

Bio: It was a surprise to Violetta's parents when their child was born with purple hair and eyes. They didn't worry too much at first, but as Violetta grew they noticed that she was learning things at an alarmingly fast rate. She could have full conversations with adults by the time she was three. By age five, she was already able to do high school work. Her parents searched for answers as to why Violetta was like this, but after a few years they gave up. In the meantime they did their best to make her life as normal as possible even though Violetta constantly wanted to figure out what made her this way. Then one day there was a knock on the door.

Violetta was in the living room working on homework when her parents and an old man in a wheelchair came into the room.

"Violetta there is someone here who would like to meet you," her mother said.

She looked up from a problem and gave the old man a boring stare. "Hello."

"Good afternoon." The man wheeled himself closer to the couch to where she was sitting. "My name is Charles Xavier. I'm the founder of the Xavier's School for the Gifted."

She gave him a curious look. "What sort of 'gifted' are we talking about?"

He smiled and with a flick of his hand the room went still. Violetta's parents froze as if they were in suspended animation. Her mouth hung open as a voice spoke in her mind."A very special kind of gifted.You see at my school there are many people with wonderful talents. I believe that if you join you can extend your abilities further and learn more about your power."

When he finished speaking the room unfroze and her parents acted as if nothing had happened. "Let me know if you're interested." He handed her a card with an address and then left the house.

After some discussion with her parents, they decided it was best to let her go to Xavier's School. In a matter of weeks Violetta finally realized how her power worked. While at Xavier's School, Violetta made close friends and gained more talents. Finally one day she was able to fight along side the X-Men. She did so well with them, Xavier let Violetta lead her own team to work on smaller missions.

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