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Raven Best

Age: 15

Fandom: Pokemon

Appearence: Raven had long, lucious, incredibly smooth jet black hair, dazzling big blue eyes, and long fluttering eyelashes. Her nose is cute as a button (just like the rest of her!), her lips are naturally rose pink, and her beautiful, flawless skin practically glows in the sunlight. Although only 15, she has curves that any grown woman would be jealous of. Every teenage boy wants to get with her, including Ash Ketchum (who begs her to go out with him, but he is totally not cute enough or talented enough for her), and she is the known as the prettiest pokemon trainer in all the regions.

Personality: Being the best and most beautiful trainer (and awesome at pretty much everything she tries), you think she would be arrogant, but she's actually the most modest and loving girl who gets along with absolutely everyone because she's so nice and caring. She loves helping others become better trainers, and every pokemon seems to love her instantly. She is super fun to be around because she's always upbeat, outgoing, funny, and happy.

Powers/Skills: Raven is the best trainer in the world and when she was only 10, she was good enough to be a gym leader. At 13, she was part of the Elite Four in the Jhoto League. At 15, she's currently the undefeated Elite Four Champion. She gets along so well with her pokemon, that she can fully understand everything they say to her. Her strongest pokemon is her Eevee, who she has a closer relationship to than Ash and his Pikachu. Even though her Eevee is currently uneveolved, it has defeated even the strongest legendary pokemon with ease.

Bio: Raven grew up in Goldenrod City in the Jhoto League and when she was 10, got her first pokemon from Professor Elm. Because he could see how much potential she had, he gave her an Eevee egg instead of one of the typical starting pokemon. The egg hatched as soon as she held it, because it was destiny. They had an amazing relationship right from the start. In the next few years, she travelled all of the regions, beat all the gyms, and caught every pokemon (except for the legenadaries - not because she couldn't, because she totally could, but because she didn't think it would be morally right to catch them - but she did catch Celebi because it really wanted her to catch it). She took on the Elite Four and won so easily that she was offered to be a Gym Leader back in her hometown. The 3 years she was the Goldenrod City Gym Leader, she was undeafeated, so they thought she was too good to be a Gym Leader and she was brought in to the Elite Four. Again, she was too difficult for other trainers to beat, so she was promoted yet again to the Champion of the Elite Four.

Now, she's considering leaving the Elite Four because she's bored of beating other trainers all the time and wants to explore more regions again with her Eevee. She's also decided it's about time to make her Eevee evolve! Of course, Eevee has 8 different choices for evolution, so she's making sure she makes the right decision for her and her Eevee!

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