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Sorry it took so long! Had to find a way to make you hate my character that wasn't the same route I took the last time. ^^'

Base Credit
Background Fractal was created using a screenshot of the credits of Frozen, and then muchly edited to my hearts content.

Name: Come on. Seriously? You have to ask? I'm like, the most well known character of all time. Everyone loves me. Everyone wants to be me. Everyone sings my freaking awesome song and no one but I can nail it. Look, if you don't know who I am by now, let it go.

Age: Well I just had my coronation so obviously 21, however, in Pony Years, I'm way ahead of the rest in terms of how much I've achieved.

Fandom: As it sits right now, My Little Pony and Frozen, but I have plans to ruin more characters from more fandoms.

Appearance: So basically, I was the sexiest Disney Princess of all time, and now I've become the most desired and popular pony of all time. I've got glistening blonde locks like you've never seen. My hair is so naturally beautiful that I have no need dying it...unlike some ponies. Pathetic. I'm obviously the best thing you'll ever want (and fail) to be. Gorgeous, a true vision, talented beyond belief, and that's just my awesome frozen powers that have alluded you thus far. I won't bother humiliating you talking about how amazingly awesome I look.

Personality: Basically, everything you want to be (and are not). Jealous ponies (and princesses) would say that I'm at fault for being obnoxiously full of myself, but like I said, they're just jealous. Besides obvious noponies, I'm amazing and everyone loves me. I mean, seriously, how many people can put an entire kingdom through a miserable winter in the dead of summer, forcing them to use supplies they weren't prepared to have on hand, ruining an awesome coronation they all looked forward to for years, and BAM, instantly forgiven. So "obnoxiously full of myself"? Player please. You wish you were as loved and as awesome as me.

Powers/Skills: Obviously my frozen magic rocks your world, but my singing will blow your mind. BOOM.

Bio: So basically you all know I'm the best Disney Princess in the history of ever, and only Queen, but I bet you're counting your hooves trying to figure out how I became ponified? It's actually a long story, but I'll sum it up for the simple pony. I'm awesome. My kingdom is awesome. My life is awesome. Needed a new adventure, so I bim bam boomed myself into Ponyville looking to find a new universe to bring my awesomeness to new levels. Plus Ponyville was basically boring and totally lame before I got here. Twitter Sparkler and her "Princess" Cellophane. Pft. They couldn't figure out how to overcome an Ice Age and were just looking at extinction. The trolls knew about their inevitable plight and so here I am. Obviously I took care of it in seconds. Took me only a matter of days back in Arendale and these imbeciles had been failing for months. Fritter Jack, or whatever her name is, was having a hay day, she knew Twitter Sparkler and the rest were going to fail her Apple Acres and thus ponies everywhere into starvation. But no worries. You're welcome.

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