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As crazy as he still seemed, prison was indeed taking a toll on Kyle.

When he had first arrived, he was the 19-year old pretty boy. His blond hair, piercing eyes, bright white perfect smile, and athletic toned body was not exactly a positive for prison life. He was sexually assaulted numerous times within the first few months. These encounters usually ended, however, with Kyle fighting the assailant. After the first few months past, the men that abused him moved on to a new prisoner, one who didn't fight back as well as Kyle did.

Ironically, the only person who knew anything about those encounters... was Ella.

Kyle didn't get a lot of visitors. His parents only came by twice a year, on Kyle's birthday, and over Christmas holidays. They were extremely disappointed in their son. His mother couldn't even bear to look at him.

But at the end of every month, Ella would visit him, like an abused wife who couldn't leave her husband. It's not as though she didn't remember what he had done, and she wished that he had been given more than a 6 year sentence because she believed he deserved to be in there for life... but like a moth to a flame, she couldn't stay away. She had gone once a month, never missing a day, for the last 5 years.

When he told Ella about what the other men did to him, for a brief moment she felt happy. She felt like justice had been served - the he deserved every second of abuse for what he put her through. But that moment quickly faded as she saw the look on his face. Kyle was a liar and manipulator, but she knew that right now, his face wasn't lying to her. He felt remorse. He was showing some vulnerability that Ella didn't think existed in him.

It was this moment that Ella saw the man hidden deep within Kyle, and it was that which kept her going back to visit him, month after month.

This end of the month though, she had made plans to go to Luke and Marissa's house. So, she came a little earlier.

As Kyle hung up the phone, one of the guards told him, "Your girlfriend's here to visit you, Quinton. A little earlier than usual."

He was led to the room, where they took off his handcuffs. He sat across from Ella, a pane of glass with small holes for sound, separating them. "You're looking beautiful, Cocoa."

"Thanks," Ella replied with a small smile. Seeing as there wasn't much to do in prison, Kyle enjoyed coming up with nicknames and after trying a few, Ella decided that Cocoa was pretty cute. "I'm a little more dressed up than usual because Doug and I are going to a friend's for the weekend. That's why I'm here visiting you earlier this time."

"A friend's?"

"Luke and Marissa."

Although never meeting them, Kyle knew about them from stories Ella had told before. "Oh? Torie's new 'parents'?"

"Essentially that's what they are, yeah. Torie's going to be there, and I haven't seen her or her son Aiden in a while." Ella nodded, her afro-esque hair bobbing as she did.

"He must be... 2 now?"

"Yeah, and I haven't seen him since he was a little baby."

"Then I'm assuming, Kevin's also going to be there? Who else?" He asked.

"Uh, I'm not totally sure. I think... uh... maybe..." Ella paused. "Oh, Gosh. They'll probably be there."

"The most awesome couple in the universe you mean?" Kyle rolled his eyes, his voice dripping of sarcasm.

"Yes. Them."

"You can say their names. They're not like Voldemort. You're not going to die if you say it, you might need to throw up though. Alex and Heather."

"I still... I still blame her, you know. If she had listened to me and gone to see you-"

"I would have likely hurt her, or Alex." Kyle finished honestly.

"But it wouldn't have been Mike-"

"Please, Ella, let's not talk about this." He shook his head.

"I... I know, I'm sorry. They're just such-"

"Awful people?"

"Yes." Ella agreed. "And it's only worse since you've been in prison. They're both total snobs."

"Weren't they always?" Kyle replied. "He's always been a rich, upper-class doucheb@g, and she's always been nothing but a vapid, fake, pretty blonde desperate for attention. And she's always been a snobby b*tch who thought people were below her - now she just has the money to prove that she's better than everyone else."

"Tell me how you really feel there, Ky." Ella said sarcastically.

"She's a b*tch. There's nothing else to it. When I get out of here..."

"Watch what you say." Ella whispered.

"You get the picture." He finished vaguely. "Both her, and her ATM husband."

Ella changed topics, "Your son-"

"He's not my son, remember? You gave him away. He's not ours."

"Your biological son is still being quite the troublemaker."

"That's not my problem, Cocoa. I don't know what you want me to say."

"How did your parents stop you from getting out of hand? How did they discipline you?"

Kyle stood up, as he saw his time was nearly finished. "They didn't do sh*t. That's why I'm here now, ain't it? ...But I have to leave. Only 5 more of these visits and then we can talk as long as we want, gorgeous. See ya in 30 days. I'll be counting."

Ella put a hand on the glass. "Bye, Kyle."

He put his on the other side, as though going to touch hers. "See ya, Cocoa."
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