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Aiden pouted. Reluctantly he replied to his mother, "Okay."

"Good, now that we dropped our stuff off, we'll head right on over?" He looked to Torie for confirmation.
"Mean to him? He's a nobody. He should know better than to talk back to me." Heather shook her head. "I'm stressed from work and worried about these pregnancy treatments. And since I'm doing these treatments I can't... you know... involve myself in my usual stress relieving activity..."

She took a few deep breaths. "But I'll be fine. This weekend will be - hold on." She picked up her ringing phone. "This is Heather Rice speaking."

"Heather. You sound as beautiful as ever today. A sense a hint of anger in your voice and you know I love it when you're angry." A charming, yet manic voice on the other end said.

Heather froze up. "How did you get this number?"

"You're practically a celebrity, babe. It was easy. I called your company, pretended to be a very important client, and they gave away your number far quicker than you would probably like them to."

"Why are you calling me? Last time I told you never to call me again. I am going to hang up now."

"You're not going to. If you were, you would have done it and not just threaten to do it." Quinton replied. "I'm calling for a friendly hello. Heather Rice... has a nice ring to it, but I think Heather Quinton would have been a much better fit for you. Is your personal bank there right now?"

"He is here, and he is not my personal bank. He's my husband." Heather snarled.

"Oh, right, of course. You do carry his last name. The last name of a serial killer. At least I only killed once."

"He's not his father."

"He's a lot more like his father than you seem to be willing to admit. I talked to him when he was in jail and I'm sure this way he's acting now is some sort of facade. You remember he wasn't always a good person. Does he hit you? You always seem to be wearing sunglasses in every photo or video I see of you now. Are you hiding a big black eye under those shades, Barbie?"

"No! He would never. He loves me. How dare you accuse him-"

"It's not like he hasn't hit a woman before. Ask his dear ol' sister. Remember before they knew they shared a father and how much he cared about her... love didn't stop him then, now did it? Then again, back then he confided to me that he didn't feel love. Marriage was for status. I guess he figured he didn't need to go up any higher on the social ladder. He just needed arm candy."

"Shut the f*ck up, Kyle. That's not true."

"And how perfect you are to play the part. A stupid, thin, beautiful blonde that always wanted to feel like a princess and loves to spend money." Quinton smirked and added, "Strange, you threatened to hang up 5 minutes ago and still, here we are having a friendly discussion."

"Friendly discussion? Are you f*cking nuts?"

"Haha. Oh, Heather, my Barbie... Talking with you has been a blast, but I'm afraid I must be leaving. My phone time is up. I'll talk to you again sometime, babe." He hung up the phone.

Heather growled, "Looks like I need to change my number... That disgusting pig... When he gets out of prison, I cannot have him find me."

Quinton was convicted and amazingly only charged with involuntary manslaughter for Mike's death, on the grounds that there was no intent to kill. He was given just 5 years for it - a fact that had at the time upset many people. To the judge, it had been a fight between two high school boys over a girl that ended in an 'unfortunate accident'. He had also been convicted of sexual assault in the 2nd degree for what he did to Ella, and given a 1 year sentence. He hadn't been changed for any of the other counts of assault due to insufficient evidence. Other than Ella testifying and some circu'mstantial evidence, the prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to prove that all the other times hadn't been consensual. Serving them consecutively, he was to be released after six more months.
Ryan had seen Torie only twice since they had graduated high school. Once for her university graduation, and again when he celebrated being drafted by the Houston Texans. He hadn't gone to her wedding because he knew Kevin wouldn't have wanted him there and he didn't want to cause drama on their wedding day, and he hadn't been allowed to invite Torie to his.

When Ryan celebrated being drafted, Aiden had just been a baby. Since he had quite a lot of alcohol at his party, he had told Torie it would be best to leave Aiden at home. So, Ryan hadn't yet met Aiden - aside from seeing photos of him. He also hadn't seen Kevin since Ryan had got to university. Kevin hadn't been at Torie's official graduation because he had been on tour. A fact that, at the time, upset Ryan. He couldn't believe Kevin would ever put his career before such an important moment in Victoria's life.

The two times he had been around Torie, of course there were still feelings there. He knew he would always love her. But he knew Torie had a husband and a child, and that he had his own wife. He knew things just... couldn't happen between them.

"I'm excited to see her, but don't be too jealous, Lace. You're the only woman I want to be with. Torie's just a friend. It's been 5 years."

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