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"They should be arriving soon. Things look fine, Marissa." Luke said. "You've been cleaning for the last few days. We're not inviting the President, are we? It doesn't have to be spotless. We have two kids." xD
Aiden hated staying at hotels. As soon as they were in the large penthouse room, Aiden yelled, "I WANNA SEE ROWAN. I WANNA GO TO HER HOUSE."

Kevin put the bags down in the bedroom. "Sorry, Aiden, but Uncle Luke and Aunt Marissa's house isn't big enough for everyone coming to Rowan's birthday."


"We're dropping the stuff off and then heading right over there, okay? But we will have to stay here for bedtimes."

Kevin, of course, also had no clue about Ryan being invited. If he knew, he may not have agreed to even come. Any time Ryan was close to Torie, it infuriated him, as it reminded him of what had happened in Vienna - and the fall out - 5 years ago. He already knew Alex and Heather were going to be there, and that was going to be tough enough.

Heather and Alex were slightly behind schedule, as they were flying in from London. They arrived and went to put their bags away. Heather was dressed a lot different from when she used to live in Chicago. Being in the fashion industry, she wore only designer clothing. Today, she was wearing a black pencil dress underneath a purple tw'eed trench coat, with a pair of extravagant gold pair of very high 6" platform heels. Her straight platinum blond hair was pulled in a perfect tight ponytail, and she was wearing large black Gucci sunglasses. Her makeup was very "Hollywood", and her nails were French manicured.

They also had a large suite, on the same floor as Kevin and Torie's. Heather had one of the young male employees bring up their bags on a trolley. They got out of the elevator and went to their room. Heather paid the employee a tip, "Thank you. I wasn't going to risk breaking a nail, or God forbid breaking my Christian Louboutin heels, carrying those heavy bags of mine around. Do you know how much these cost? Over $6,000. These are one of a kind."

"Yes, miss, of course not. I wouldn't expect you to carry them around yourself, ma'am."

"Wouldn't expect it? What does that mean? You don't expect someone like me to do things myself because you think that I think I'm too good for manual labour?"

The boy blinked, "Uh, sorry, ma'am. I didn't mean it to sound like that. I meant that your nails look lovely, and those shoes are expensive, and I wouldn't want you breaking them..."

"Expensive to you, maybe. It's more than you make in a month. I've likely made $6,000 since I walked in here without having to do anything. Shh. Just go. Thank you." Heather sneered.

The employee stopped the trolley in front of their room. "Yes, ma'am. I will be back to pick up the trolley later." He walked away down the hall.

"He was rude. I should have asked for my tip back." Heather rolled her eyes snobbishly and stood in the doorway, now expecting Alex to carry the bags from the door to their bedroom. "Who does he think he is anyway?"

Heather wasn't exactly always nice with those 'below' her, but she had been quite mean to the bellhop, even by her standards. It was partly because she was stressed, partly because she hadn't snorted cocaine for over a week, and partly due to hormonal changes from the recent pregnancy treatments.
Ryan was excited to see Torie, but nervous. "Kevin is going to have a panic attack when he sees that I'm there." He said to Lacey, driving them from the hotel (where they had already put their bags away) and toward Luke and Marissa's house.

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