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Natalie looked at him, wishing he had told him about Marissa sooner. "So you two were serious then?"

"Natalie, it's not like it matters right now. Marissa and I aren't a couple. We decided we were better off friends. By the time we broke up, we were arguing a lot, she had just gone through a traumatic event and things weren't quite the same. Honestly, I had blamed myself. I believed it was someone I had wronged and was trying to get revenge on me by hurting the person closest to me. After that, I didn't want to put her in that kind of danger again. Everything made me feel like it was the right time for us to break up."

"You make it sound mutual." Natalie said, turning to Marissa, "You make it sound like Luke left you. Was it really mutual or did you get dumped?"

"Natalie, how about you listen for once? It's none of your business. I said it doesn't matter right now anyway. What's done is done."

"Listen for once? Wow, Luke. Don't patronize me. I know you're a new father and all, but I'm not a child." Natalie rolled her eyes. "It was just a question."

"You're not a child but sometimes you act like one. Try and be mature about this."

Natalie's jaw dropped. "I act like a CHILD?"

"Sometimes. Please, Nat, just be quiet and let me enjoy my breakfast. We can talk about this later."

"You don't seem to think I act like a child when we're f*ck-"

"NATALIE. Do not use that language in front of my son. Please. Relax. I'm sorry if anything I said offended you."
"Well, I plan on fixing up my song a little and serenading her with it. I'm going to shower her some more gifts. I want to go and personally ask her to go to dinner with me. I'm going to do anything I can to show her how much I love her. I'm going to be romantic to the point where either she falls back in love with me, or she calls the cops on me for being a crazy stalker." xD
Meanwhile, David and Rachel had a visitor.

The slight man walked up to the bars. "Mr. Rice. Mrs. Freemon."

"Do I... know you?"

"Oh, yes, I'm Fox. You called about-"

"Yes, I know who you are now. We've never met in person. I didn't think you were so... short."

Fox raised a brow. "I'm 5' 6". I'm not terribly small... Regardless, I have news."

"Success?" David replied quietly, looking intently at him.

"Um, unfortunately no." Fox replied.

"No to both...?"

"The big dog rescued the little dog." Fox said, not wanting to give much away. "One of my colleagues was working with 'big dog'. The rat and big dog took out the rest of my colleagues."

David's face hardened. "You all failed. It was a simple request."

"Sorry, sir."

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