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Default 03-24-2014, 06:46 PM

So they all walked into the hospital. Marissa walked up to the nurse at the front. "Hello, how can I-OH!" The young nurse said, looking at her arm. "What happened?"

"Gunshot wound. Through and through. Just need a few stitches." Marissa replied, matter-of-factly.

"Uh..ok. Please come with me." The young girl said, grabbing a wheel chair. "Please, sit."

Marissa sat in the chair. She tossed Sharp her keys. "You might want to go back to the house to get Natalie."
Greg pulled Natalie away from Alex before he could grabbed her throat. Janie hopped up from the couch and grabbed Alex.

"DO YOU KNOW HOW TERRIFYING IT WAS FOR ME! SEEING MY SISTER LAY IN A COMA. HOW HELPLESS I FELT?" Alex screamed. "My sister is the only family I have left. My mother is dead and my father may as well be too. You say that my actions could have affected more than just Kevin but Kevin's actions could have affected more than just Torie. She is the leader of a resistance, she has friends, and she has family. So don't you dare act like Kevin is some f*cking angel. Everyone in this room besides you and Ross would have been devastated if Torie had died. Your family is nothing special. And I may be an @sshole but you are a f*cking b*tch."

Torie was standing at the top of the stairs. "What is going on?" She asked, confused.

"WHY DO YOU KEEP LEAVING YOUR ROOM!? YOU SHOULD BE RESTING!" Alex yelled at her, frustrated. xD

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