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Grizz glared at Wolf. xD

"I'm not self centered... And I'm not an idiot." Kevin defended. He then asked, "Sent to hunt me down? By who? Why? What does that even mean?"

"Not self centered? You wanted our girl to call you Your Majesty. You called yourself royalty." Crow took out a pistol and put it up to Kevin's head. "It means we were hired to kill you. The other two things, I can't tell you. That's for us to know."

Kevin swallowed hard and shuffled back as much as he could. "W-What? Kill me? You're... bluffing. This is some kind of sick twisted fantasy of yours, right, Trixie's. Trix, it's going to far, I'm not that k*nky, make them stop."

Fox took a picture on his cellphone of the gun being held to Kevin's head, careful to leave Crow's face out of the picture, so he could send it to the Ellingson family. "This is not a fantasy, Mr. Ellingson. This is real. There's a good chance you're going to die today."

Kevin's started hyperventilating. "WHAT? No, no... no, no, no... you're lying... you... don't... please, please don't kill me. Please... whatever I did to make the person who sent you unhappy, I'm so sorry... I'm sorry for whatever I did... please, ask your employer if you can let me go... if this is about money... I can pay... I can pay anything you want from me... I don't want to die... please...." By this time, he was also crying.

"Boo f*cking hoo." Grizz said. "Someone went from h'orny, confident, self centered @sshole to a scared, whiny little p*ssy."

"I'm going to send this picture to their cell phones." Fox said. "Somebody call his family and ask for the money."

"So this IS about money?" Kevin mumbled.

"No. The money is a bonus." Crow said, pistol whipping Kevin across the face. "This is about punishment."

An instant red mark appeared across his cheek, and Kevin could taste the blood filing his mouth. He reached in and found that Crow had hit him so hard that Kevin had lost not just one tooth, but two of his bottom molars had come out. He pulled one of them out easily and shuddered. He went for the second, but found it was just barely hanging on enough that he had to really yank at it. And it stung. He cried out, "Please, let me go. Whatever your employer is paying, I'll pay double. I'll pay triple if I have to."

"Ooh," Grizz thought aloud, "He plays guitar, let's cut off one of his fingers and send it to his sister."

"No, no, no. Don't do that. It'll horrify her, and I like my fingers." Kevin mumbled.

By this time, the 4 hour time span had passed and Kevin still wasn't back. Natalie had gone to visit, but they told her that he had gone out this morning and hadn't yet returned.

"He must've lost track of time. I'll go out looking for him." Natalie said and then started searching. One of the first places she went to was Torie's place. She knocked on the door.

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