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David nearly dropped his phone in shock. "Oh my God! We're at the airport. We'll switch our flight and be there as soon as we can, Alex. Do they think she's going to wake up? How's the baby? What happened?" He turned to Rachel, "We have to go to Chicago. Victoria is in a coma."
Kevin looked at the nurse with tears streaming down his face. His eyes full of anger and overwhelming sadness. "How long will she be in a coma for...? Not long, right...? "
Natalie frowned, "I'm... okay. But Kevin... He must be feeling awful. His fiancée's in a coma and he just lost his baby. He was so looking forward to being a father. He was so happy about it... He must be absolutely devastated. He loves Torie with all his heart and wanted to start a family with her."

"Greg, it doesn't matter. I'll be surprised if I live another week. Mr. Rice is going to kill me." Sharp said, incredibly serious. "He threatened to hurt Natalie before, but I'm going to tell him this was my fault and hopefully... he'll have mercy on Natalie and kill me instead."

This, however, gave Sharp an idea. He was going to fix things. He realized he was a dead man anyway, so he decided that if he was going down, David was going down with him. It would be an apology gift to Torie for not being there. He said to the others, "When Torie wakes up, whether it's a few days or a week or a month, tell her I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect her and her child, but that I'm going to make up for it."

Natalie looked at Luke, "Honey, what are you thinking? You're not going to die. We can get through this. You can tell Torie those things yourself."

"No. I know what I have to do." Sharp hugged Natalie and kissed her passionately. "I love you. What I'm about to do is going to help a lot of people. This is my purpose. I will call you when I can."

Luke left and went to the police station.

Ella and Heather were still speechless.
Luke arrived at the police station and went to the front desk. "I have information about Dr. Amon's murder, and many other murders... I helped Mr. David Rice and Mrs. Rachel Freemon kill Dr. Amon, and I dumped the evidence and the body. I will show you where. I will tell you everything I know about Mr. Rice and Mrs. Freemon."

The male cop at the desk looked at him like he was crazy, but soon enough, he was convinced. Along with some other officers, Luke led them to the forest where he dumped everything.

After the murder, Sharp had driven Anna's car with the body and evidence inside, across the Illinois state border and into Wisconsin. He had drove the car to an abandoned building with a garage, where he parked the car. He had then set the car in fire, destroying any evidence inside of it. Amon's body was nothing but ash in the charred remains of the structure or Anna's car. However, not being a total idiot, Sharp hadn't burnt everything. He had known that he might need some more proof. He had taken the bullet casing from the crime scene and hid it in another part of the building. "Mr. Rice always carries a gun. Have his checked, and I know it will be a match."

He also had taken a few of Anna's hairs, and a swab of blood from Amon's wound. "DNA."

Finally, he had also taken proof. Hard proof in the form of a photo he had snapped on his cell phone at the very moment of the shot. He knew that, even with the silencer, he had a moment to snap a picture without being suspicious. Rachel, David, and Anna had all closer their eyes for only that brief moment. He handed one of the officers his phone. "I don't know what else I can give you, officers. What I can tell you, is that David and Rachel are likely on their way to America. Their daughter is in a coma, and I expect they want to see her. You can easily cut them off at the airport. Also, his gun, the one he used for this, he keeps inside of a safe at the storage lockers, in a small locker under his son's name, Alexander Rice. Amon isn't the only man he's killed, but it's the only one I have proof of. If you look through my phone, there's photos of other 'missing' people. I used to gather Intel for Mr. Rice, and then these people would show up missing."

Luke cleared his throat and finally said, "You can arrest me now."

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