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Yeah, I'll limp right on over to talk to her. I got into an 'accident' yesterday.

By that morning, Ryan was back at his house. He slept on the main floor in the living room, because he wasn't able to get up the stairs. Jane was incredibly concerned for him, both for his physical condition and the face that he had been crying periodically throughout the day. Jane brought him up breakfast, "You okay, Ry? It must have been uncomfortable to sleep last night. School starts today, but... feel free to stay home from school today."

"I will take you up on that. You're right. I had an awful sleep." Ryan sighed and started eating the breakfast. "You didn't have to bring this to me."

"It's okay. I don't mind." Jane smiled at him. "You're my little brother, and I want you to get better."

"Eggs aren't going to fix my leg or any of my bruises though, but thanks, Jane. You're the best sister I could ask for."

"Awe, Ryan, thank you. That means a lot to me."

Ryan frowned, "Dad see the hospital bill?"

"No. I... I'm going to take care of it. The people I cook for pay me well. Dad can worry about paying the mortgage and the other bills, and I can worry about this."


"Oh, hush, little bro. When you become a famous athlete, you can pay me back." Jane laughed. She handed him a painkiller and a glass of water. Her tone tensed as she asked, "What happened, Ryan? You wouldn't tell me last night."

"I... I got into a fight."

"You never lose a fight against any guy. It must have been a monster who hurt you like this."

"It was 4 @ssholes doing their friend a favor. I p*ssed off some guy, and instead of fighting me himself, he had me beat up by his friends."

"4 against 1? Oh my God, Ry... that's awful. That's not fair. What kind of men would do that?"

Ryan thought to himself, The same kind of men who would threaten to hurt their victim's innocent sister if he told. He shook his head, "I don't know. D*cks with nothing better to do."

"What did you do to p*ss this other guy off? Must've been something major."

"Jane, I can't talk about it, okay? I just... I really p*ssed him off and all his friends act like his little minions."

"What, did you sleep with his girlfriend or something?" Jane said, jokingly trying to lighten the mood.

Obviously, as it was the truth, it wasn't funny to Ryan. "His fiancée."

Jane gasped, "Oh, Ryan... What about Lacey? She's such a sweet girl. How could you do that to her?"

"Why do you think I've been crying? I felt awful and guilty about it, I told her, and she broke up with me." Ryan handed her the empty plate and laid back down, turning her back to her. "She's never going to forgive me. I f*cked up. Leave me alone, I... I just want to be alone now."

Jane frowned, took his plate, and left the living room.
Heather woke up shortly after and took out her makeup bag, forgetting what was inside. She went into the bathroom and, seeing Alex in the shower, she left the makeup bag of the vanity and climbed in and joined him. She kissed him, "Good morning, sexy."
Kevin had a bad sleep, and was drinking a coffee and watching p0rn again that morning. ¬_¬
David had gone to the conference building early. It was the second last day of the conferences.

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