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"We'll talk to Dray about it. She has final say." Victor said, sitting down on the couch in their suite. "She might do it if she believes it will help her get friendly with the resistance again."
Heather gasped, "You b*tch. I do not use him like a human ATM. Oh my God, your parents brainwashed you into believing that. You're only proving me right; you're becoming like your father. I don't spend that much money. Alex and I already talked and he's willing to financially support us. He has plenty of money, and he'll make more when he starts working. I doubt I could go through millions of dollars in a few years, even with the way I spend money . If you feel the same way your parents do, then go f*ck yourself. I don't need your opinion."

Ella stood up and left the room, biting her tongue. She really wanted to laugh and call her a greedy sl*t, and tell Alex he should say goodbye to his money now, but she knew Torie wouldn't like them to argue. She went into the room and kneeled beside the bed, praying.

Sharp replied to Alex, "That's probable. Either way, they're both in the AR. So it's a good thing we didn't talk too much about the resistance in front of Ryan, because anything we told him, he could have told them."
Kevin shook his head and got up, making himself a cup of coffee. "I want alcohol. Get me alcohol." He said to the group, demandingly.

"We can't smuggle in alcohol, Kev." Leon said.

"I'm sure there's a way. Find it, and bring me alcohol. Anything alcoholic. Get me some Irish cream and put it into a McDonald's coffee, and smuggle that in. Or get some of those little vodka or rum bottles and hide it in your mouth or up your @ss."

"WHAT? Did you literally just tell us to smuggle you little bottles of alcohol up our butts?" xD "Jesus f*cking Christ, man, you have a problem."

"Isn't that why I'm here?" Kevin sighed. "I'm an Ellingson though, and I want a drink NOW. I'm used to getting what I want."
Ryan was soon in a leg cast, and they wheeled him into another room. They told Lacey she could go see him now.

Ryan was actually crying. From the pain, the guilt, and the fear.... Pain from his beating, guilt of knowing Lacey loves him and he had cheated on and lied to her, and the fear now for his own sister - and for Torie, as Joe had told him he was going to go after her. He couldn't even tell anyone to protect her, because if he did and they found out, he'd attack Jane.

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