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Default 03-05-2014, 11:58 PM

No one was random for a month? :O

Omg, watched a documentary on Netflix about Hiroshima... so sad. =(

There was this one woman who was having dinner with her family (husband and daughter) that morning and after the bomb, her little 5 year old daughter was trapped under the rubble. They couldn't get her out from under it and the flames crept closer and eventually killed her. She could hear her daughter screaming for help as she was burned alive.

This other one was sad, but cute. This little boy was at school playing hide and seek with his friends and after the bomb hit, he was crying out for help and a soldier came and picked him up. He brought him quite a ways away until the boy's father happened to see his son (amazing coincidence) and ran over, took him from the soldier, and said to him, "You saved my son, thank you, you are a savior."

I just can't get over how awful the atomic bomb was. All the American soldiers who flew the plane (that they interviewed) all seemed pretty proud to have killed hundreds or thousands of innocent Japanese civilians...

Paraphrasing one of their quotes, "Hiroshima wasn't Truman's fault, or America's fault, it was the Japanese's fault for not complying to the surrender."

So, by that logic... if a mugger comes up to me with a knife and tells me to give them all my money or they will kill my family, I say no, and then they stab my family... Then it's my fault because I could have 'surrendered' and avoided that. It's not the thief/murderer's fault that I didn't surrender, so I'm to blame. >_>

NOTE: The war against GERMANY was practically over thanks to British, French, and Canadian troops. The Americans didn't join until after Pearl Harbor. Until then, they wanted nothing to do with it.

Also, obviously tragic, the attack on Pearl Harbor killed about 2500. The atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (although impossibly to get exact figures because many people were instantly turned to ash from the extreme heat, effectively vaporized in the blast) killed between 100,000-150,000 and 60,000 - 80,000 (of mostly civilians) respectively.

Apparently, Japanese were already considering surrender due to the Soviets threat to declare war. Also, the second bombing in Nagasaki was SURELY unnecessary. It happened only a few days after, before they had any time to process the idea of surrender.

Of course, I'm a believer in peace and hate anything that takes innocent lives... war, guns, etc. None of it's necessary. We're supposed to be extremely intelligent and advanced beings, but yet we use our advanced brain power to create better bombs and weapons to kill one another with instead of spending that money to curing cancer or ending poverty... T_T

Anyway... // end rant.
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