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Raziel's companion was a pale, petite young woman named Elyse, who was wearing her ginger red hair in a high ponytail, letting only her cropped bangs down nearly covering her eyes. Although she didn't look very intimidating, Elyse was an ex-gymnast who loved yoga, so she was extremely flexible, agile, and in incredible physical shape. She self-trained herself to fight, and often incorporated her gymnast flips and tricks into her unique fighting style.

Elyse was hiding a few weapons of her own. Less than Raziel, as she was wearing less clothing to conceal it all. She had a wooden stake in back of her boot and a switch blade in the back pocket of her jeans - concealed by the length of her tank top. She also had a small gun inside her purse.

Her first vampire sighting had been when she was a 10 year old child, being driven back to her mother's after a weekend with her father. Her father stopped at a traffic light, perpendicular to an alley in which Elyse looked over to. She noticed a man with short black hair who, at first, looking like he was neck kissing a woman... until she started resisting, and the man became increasingly aggressive. Just as the light had changed, the woman's body fell to the ground and the vampire's glance turned over to Elyse. For a split second, she saw the man. His eyes were black as night, his fangs were bared, and blood was sliding down the corners of his mouth onto his chin.

She told her parents, and they sent her to a child therapist, who told her that vampires didn't exist, and it was likely her imagination trying to make sense of witnessing a homicide. Elyse was positive that it was a monster. She started studying vampires, conducting stakeout, walking downtown with a wooden dagger and spying on suspicious people in the hopes for finding one to prove that she was right. As the years past, believed her as she kept claiming they were real - except for Raziel. He believed her, and he helped her validate their existence. The two had been working together for a couple years now.

Elyse noticed Jude walking down the sidewalk on the other side of the road. She turned to Raziel, "Check out the pale one in the sunglasses."

Jude approached a woman, "Hey sweet cheeks, do you have a light?"

"Sorry, I don't smoke." The brunette woman shook her head.

"What's a pretty woman like yourself doing walking around alone. Where's your boyfriend?" He moved closer to her.

"I don't have one. I'm happily single, thanks." The woman replied, sounding annoyed with Jude's attempts at flirting with her.

He put a hand on her arm and looked deeply into her eyes, trying to lure her. "No lucky man in your life? How about the two of us enjoy your singlehood together?"

Elyse continued, "We should save that woman. He's either a vampire, or a creep. Go wait in that alley over there, I'll bring him over to you."

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