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"Victoria..." Kevin followed her, "I am incredibly sorry. I honestly didn't mean to hurt your feelings... don't be like this, baby. Remember that we love each other, and we're going to get married and have a family, I'm going to be sober soon... think positive... I..."

He was holding back tears as well. He didn't know what to say or do to convince her to stay and spend time with him.

"I love you. If... If you feel like it's best that you leave... I understand, but just know that I love you and I'm glad you came to visit me, regardless of me being an idiot and ruining things again. Okay? You're the best part of my life, Victoria, and I don't know if I could stand to be without you." He gently caressed her cheek and kissed her.
"He doesn't need to spend money to make me happy. It doesn't matter though, because I'm not going to let him spend any more on me so I can show him exactly that - I'm happy without his money and I'm not with him because of his money."
Meanwhile, Ryan woke up. He made sure Lacey wasn't watching him as he texted Torie, I got an acceptance from Notre Dame. Theyre giving me a partial football scholarship.
Natalie and Luke were awake and drinking coffee. Natalie had to leave tomorrow to go back to LA for a filming.

"Natalie, you should stay here. You don't need that job."

"I like my job, Luke. Everyone assumes that I must be insecure and that I don't want to do what I do, but that's totally untrue. I always wanted to act, and being a proud confident woman, I feel empowered by my job."

"It's objectifying." Luke said.

"This coming from a man who watches it." Natalie teased. "If you're against the objectification of women, why would you watch p0rnography - since you find it so objectifying."

"I... It's different now."

"Why? Because before you and I got together you saw me and the other women as objects and now you don't want other men to feel that way about me?" Natalie questioned.


"Maybe men see me as an object and not a person, but who's really the one being taken advantage of? I'm using my body to capitalize on man's basic instincts to make money, and I have fun doing it. I would much rather have my job than a boring desk job, or anything else really. The only thing I'd rather do is act for non X-rated movies and television." Natalie replied. "It's not like how people think it is. There's extensive STD testing done before every movie, you never have to do anything you don't want to do - they'll work around your limits, and it's a fun environment where everyone has mutual respect and trust for one another."

"If you say so. I'd just rather you stay here with me. I'm going to be alone here for a week, you know. Victoria in Vienna, Kevin in rehab, you in LA..."

"We can video chat every day, and you're still free to visit Kevin. Maybe a week alone will help all four of us."

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