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((Alright, due to the TDP crash, your stuff is underlined, and mine is plain - including my recent post at the end.))

Jake laughed at Adam. "Jeez, dude. Way to be all cool about it." He said, kissing Ella's cheek. "And hey, you got dibs on the bong and she came up to me."

Dylan rolled his eyes. "Alright you two. Stop fighting over the poor girl. You both know that she likes me more."
That sounds great and all but what kind of compromise? Are we going to at least achieve our goal?

Ella stood up and turned to face the three boys, "Eny, meany, miny, mo... Jake's right, it's his house, his drugs, and I did approach him first at the club."

Adam playfully pouted, "Awe."

"Don't worry, I'm sure Jake doesn't mind sharing." She winked.
She's letting me go with, and I'm not accepting anything less than everything we want

Jake thought for a moment. "Maybe. If you guys are lucky enough." He replied, grabbing Ella by the waist.

Dylan frowned. "Hey, I think if the girl wants to share herself, then you should share her too." He pouted.
Way to understand the word compromise, dude. Tho I do agree someone should go with her. If not for safety then at least to make sure she doesn't compromise everything away.

"It's supposed to be a great, fun night with a couple of 'good time guys', remember? I want every one of you to have a good time. But since Jake's first..." Ella kissed him, "I'll let him decide where and if he wants you two vultures to wait."
I am glad she's letting me go. Anyway, man, I'm tired and I don't want to wake Drayden up with all my texting

Jake smirked. "See you both in the morning." He said, wrapping his arm around Ella and leading her to his bedroom.

Dylan flopped onto the chair. "Why does he get all the fun..." He grumbled.
Yeah, no problem. And don't worry. If you two don't make in on time, I will just say you two had an errand to run or something.

Once there... x-scene.

Adam shrugged, "Maybe when he's done she'll come out for us. Knowing Jake, it'll only be a minute." He joked.
Thanks for covering for us. We'll try to be back on time.
Meanwhile, Heather woke up to take her pill, but it didn't feel like... enough. She went downstairs into the living room and started pacing, "Control yourself, Heather... Self control..."

Dylan laughed. "Hey, maybe we should go get more beer while he is finishing up?"
Not like its out of the ordinary. >.< But yeah, you guys be safe and I will talk with you tomorrow. Night, Vic.
Torie, now unable to sleep completely, walked downstairs to get something to drink. "Hey Heather. I didn't hear you and Alex come in." She said.

Adam agreed, "Good thing I have my fake ID and the store across the street sells beer." He said, grabbing his coat and putting on his shows. "I've already had 4, but I think the two of us could polish off another 6pack."
Night. Vic replied before going to sleep.
"Yeah, we were pretty quiet and he went right to bed." Heather said. "Thank god you came down though. I could use a distraction."

Dylan nodded. "Of course we could. And if not, we'll pass out trying." He replied, laughing. "Come on. BEER RUN!" He yelled, running for the door.
"You and me both." Torie replied, sitting down on the couch and wrapping herself up in a blanket. "What's going on with you?

Adam laughed as he followed him out.

Soon they were coming out with beer. By this time, Ella & Jake were done. She was wearing just her bra and underwear, sitting on the couch.

Adam dropped the six pack down on the table, "Went and got few more beers for us."
"Ugh, I'm having weird nightmares, hearing voices in my head, and I really want my drugs back... but I can't. I'm on these pills, they're supposed to help, but I still crave stuff... what's up with you?"

Jake gladly took another beer and slipped his arm around Ella. "You want another one?" He asked, as Dylan tossed another one to her.
Torie shook her head. Kevin and I went to a bar to meet up with his friends. Ryan showed up and Kevin...he had his friends beat Ryan up and I couldn't do a **** thing because of the baby. Ryan also told Kevin that I had been sleeping with the both of them and that the child may not be Kevin's. Then his ***** of girlfriend came over to me, smacked me, and said it would better for everyone if I just jumped off a cliff. OH and then one of his friends decided to come over and beat the **** out of me because I needed disciplining.

"Just another fight with Kevin..." She replied.

"Um... alright." Ella said after thinking for a minute, catching the one Ryan passed to her.

"So, after these beers, do we get our turns?" Adam asked.

"Someone's impatient." Ella giggled. She took a sip of her beer.
"What about?" She asked, "I don't understand why you're marrying him if you fight all the time."

Jake grumbled a bit. "Fine.. If she wants to share herself...." He replied taking a huge gulp of his beer.

Dylan smiled. "My turn next!" He yelled, happily.
"It just has to do with difference of opinions and his drinking. We've also been dating only 2 months so we'll see where it goes from there. I do love the guy and I want to make it work. Especially for the baby."

Ella went over to Dylan and climbed on top of him and the chair he was sitting on, she took another glug of her beer and then kissed him.

"God, how long to I have to wait, honestly." xD
"He's going to rehab, right? But he'll still always be an @sshole who cheated on you with his ex. And what differences? Tell me all the details. I know you have to get something off your chest, I can tell. And no, I don't mean your shirt... unless you'd feel more comfortable that way." Heather joked.

Jake threw a pillow at him. "Geez man, greedy much. And Dylan, use the spare bedroom. I really don't want to sleep in your junk...if you get that far."

Dylan as took busy kissing Ella to respond. xD
Torie laughed. "Fine, fine, fine..." She caved, and then explained what happened that night before.

Ella finished kissing Dylan and gently glided her index finger from his lips to the top of his pants, and then back up. She smiled sexily, "You heard the man. Spare bedroom?"

"Not greedy, just impatient." Adam laughed before chugging down the rest of his beer and grabbing another.
Heather blinked, unsure what to say, "Kevin's friends beat up Ryan, Lacey told you to kill yourself, and Ryan said WHAT to Kevin...? Well, uh, it isn't Ryan's, right? I mean, you two WERE sleeping together two months ago, right? He broke up with you a few days after your birthday and before you flew to LA to visit Kevin's family in California. That was about that long ago. OH, by the way, Kevin called me a junkie. He might be nice to you, but he's not a nice person. Maybe it is Ryan's, God, that would teach that f*cking @sshole... but I guess that wouldn't be so good for you, Ryan, or that baby. You were worried about your parents hurting Ryan, and if it was his, they might go after the child..."

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