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"K. What about your friends? Are they coming?" Ella asked. "Or just us?"
Victor quickly through on his jeans, but left his shirt off. He walked over to the door with her and as he opened the door he asked, "Did you want me to pay this time?"
Sharp had a difficult time falling asleep. Sleeping with Natalie hadn't really helped him, although she was now out like a light. He didn't like that Torie was sleeping somewhere else that night, alone, even if it was at her own house. He decided to go check on Kevin and make sure he was home. He snuck out of bed, left his own rented apartment, and went up to Kevin's. Using the spare key, he unlocked the door and went inside. He checked the bedroom and noticed Kevin wasn't laying in his bed, but the bathroom light was on. He gently swung the door open and saw Kevin hunched over the toilet vomiting. "At least you're home..." Said Luke.

Kevin glanced over at him, "Why didn't you stop me from drinking so much?"

"What? Well, you had already drank 4 beers by the time I found you, and when I did get to the str*p club, you were busy canoodling with some sl*tty str*pper."

"I did what?"

"Don't play dumb. You went to the back room with a str*pper. You told me not to tell Torie about anything."

"Oh... right, I remember now. You didn't tell-"

"No. I didn't. I told her you came home shortly after she did."

"But... she'll be confused I didn't bring my car home if she doesn't know I drank that much. Take my keys, they're on the kitchen countertop, and go get my car, will ya?"

Luke sighed. "Fine. I'm not doing anything else for you though. Next time anything like this happens, I'm telling Victoria. She's like a little sister to me, and you can't do this to her. She deserves a lot better."

"What to you know about what Ryan said? Is any of it true? You did go with her to her place earlier, and Ryan said something about what she said earlier today. Did they see each other?"

"I can tell you that yes, Ryan happened to be at Victoria's mansion when she was there, but she did not know he was going to be there. That's all I can say. I can't way what I heard, or what I saw." Luke replied coldly.

Kevin shook his head and then threw up again. After, he said, "I know he could be lying, but it hurt when he said all of that. And then for Torie to try and defend him because he's her 'friend'... calling you to 'save' him like he was some kind of victim. After what he said to me, he's no victim."

"What did he say?" Luke asked, curious.

"He said that the two of them were still sleeping together after she had started dating me-"

"To be fair, you slept with his girlfriend before they officially broke up." Luke reminded.

"Oh, come on, Luke. At least he wasn't betrayed by the person he loves, since she thought he was dead. She knew I was alive and kept seeing him anyway." Kevin replied, annoyed.

"Betrayed? Harsh words given the circumstances, don't you think? You've cheated on her with a maid, a str*pper, and your ex. Besides, you have no proof that she cheated on you, except Ryan's word, but you've definitely betrayed her trust. It's hypocritical to get upset over the possibility of her sleeping with Ryan early on in the relationship. She had just found out the man she loved was still alive. You just get drunk and do the first woman you see."

"Torie sleeping with Ryan is worse because she loved him. There's a connection there."

"You're stating it as fact again." Luke said.

"He insinuated he could be the father of her child!"

"Your child, Kevin. Ryan's upset. He probably wishes it was his because he wants to be the one with Torie. Take what he says with a grain of salt."

"Just the thought of it hurts me though... I want to be the father. I thought for sure I was the father. You know how embarrassing it would be to find out it wasn't?"

"But it IS yours, Kevin. If it makes you feel any better, IF what Ryan said is true, maybe he used a condom, so the placebos wouldn't have mattered anyway. You should probably discuss this all with Victoria when you sober up a bit. I just wanted to make sure you were home. Goodnight, Kevin."

Sharp left the apartment.

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