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sHe blushed. "I love you too."

He say much else. Kevin wanted to end it on a high note, but of course his feelings and insecurities were still there. He wanted to break down and cry, but he didn't exactly know why, until he started thinking about it. Kevin supposed that he was upset because of the guilt he was feeling again, for Torie and Ryan's broken relationship. It was his fault, there was no other way to spin it. It was an awful thing of him to do. Not only was he upset about that, but he was an alcoholic and had to leave his pregnant fiancée to go to rehab. He cheated, three times if you count it as twice with Liz and once with the maid at the Rice manor, all because he was drunk. He wouldn't stand up for Torie when she was being attacked by the AR because he was too afraid, but he fought with her brother, who's girlfriend he called a junkie on two occasions. And he got her pregnant at 18, which she still claims to his face that, although not ideal, she's happy about... but that boils down to whether or not he believes her, and part of him believed she was unhappy.

A short while later, he broke the silence by asking her, "Victoria, you do want to marry me, right? You realize it's a commitment for life..."
Heather had fallen asleep, even though she had tried to stay awake. It was a long flight, and the detox was still causing her to constantly feel tired.

Everything felt... cold. Heather opened her eyes and sat up. She was laying outside, in an inch of snow, wearing nothing to protect her from the cold winter winds. Shivering, she stood up and wrapped her arms around herself. She assessed her surroundings. She certainly wasn't on the plane anymore... what had happened? Heather saw no sign of a coat, or any other clothing for that matter.

"Is this the school grounds...?" She asked herself.

There was the uprights on the football field, the soccer nets, the bleachers... and the school. She walked toward the school, because she'd surely catch a cold outside in this weather... but she never got any closer to the school. Her surroundings stayed the exact same. She looked at her feet, and could see she was walking. It didn't make sense.

"You're dreaming again, Heather." Said a voice from behind her.

Heather turned to the familiar voice and instinctively tried to cover herself up with her hands. "... Why are you putting me through all this?"

Quinton smirked at Heather, "I've seen your body a hundred times, Heather. Why so shy? You're not a shy girl."

Heather figured it was just a dream, and that he wasn't really there. None of this was real. When she realized that, the cold stopped. There was still snow, and it was still winter, but she didn't feel cold. "Why are you putting me through this, Kyle?" She repeated.

"It's easy for you to blame me, Heather, but I'm not real. You do realize that I'm no one. You see me as Kyle, but you know that if you saw him in reality, he would be clueless about this." He replied, same twisted grin on his face. "You're crazy, Heather. Batsh*t crazy. How about you come get high with me?"

Heather blinked, and the voice had changed. It was no longer Quinton looking at her, it was Patrick.

"Kevin was right, Heather, you are a junkie. Embrace it. Stop fighting it." He passed her a pipe and a lighter.

Heather threw it away, "No. I might have been headed in that direction, but I'm not anymore!"

Patrick said nothing, but her glance changed from Heather's eyes, to her hand. Curious, Heather looked down. The pipe she had just thrown was still being held in her hand.

"No... NO. I said, NO!" She broke it, and it once again reappeared. She held it out and growled, "You, take it away from me!"

Patrick took it back and threw it in the air, causing it to disappear. "Gone... but it'll be back, Heather. Only you have control of that, but I see enough people like you daily, that I know you'll always come back."

"You don't know me." Heather kissed.

The person changed again, this time into Janelle. "We know you, Heather, because we are you."


"No, you just see me as Janelle right now. Why did you hurt her, Heather?"

Heather tilted her head, "Janie...? I never hurt her."

"You told me that you love me." Janelle said, "I thought if Quinton was gone, we could be together, but you went to Alex without giving us a chance."

"I... I do love you, Janelle, but I... Alex, he..."

"Admit to yourself you're afraid of being in a relationship with another woman because you're afraid of being judged."

"That's not true." Heather defended, "People at school know I like women."

"I'm not talking about other teenagers, I'm talking about everyone else. You're afraid of being judged out in public, if we went on a date or if people saw us holding hands. You're afraid of telling your parents. You haven't told them about your sexuality, and your dad uses words like f@g and dyk'e on a weekly basis. You don't want to have to tell your parents, so if you only bring men home, you think you won't have to tell them. They'll assume you're straight."

"My parents, fine, I'll admit I'm nervous about their reaction if I told them about that side of me, but I don't care what anyone else thinks of me."

The person changed, this time... into Heather herself. The real Heather stepped back, while the mirror Heather responded, "You don't care what others think of you? Why lie to yourself, Heather? What's the point anymore? You care. A lot. Why do you throw up?"

"So I can be thinner."

"You do it because you want OTHER people to see you as thin. You see the models in magazines, and you want OTHER people to look at you and see that. You certainly aren't doing it for yourself." The voice paused. "But that's not all, is it?"

Heather looked away, "Let me wake up."

"Some people cut themselves, or commit suicide... The bulimia and your drug use, why do you do it, Heather?"

"I'm not suicidal."

"I said some people are. But you are sad, Heather. You need to admit to yourself why you do these things if you ever want to get better."

Heather groaned, "I hate myself. Being thin makes me feel better about myself, and doing drugs gets my mind away from my feelings."

The voice changed back to Quinton, "Congratulations. You're one step closer to getting better."

Heather jolted up in her seat, looking incredibly bewildered and confused.
"Very ready." He grinned. Kyle, rather gentlemanly, led her outside.

He looked around and smiled, "Fresh air... it's nice. Other than when Drayden had us evacuate, I haven't been outside since, well, the day I joined. I miss it. I played a game or so of football in the gym, but it's not the same as outside... feeling the cool breeze running through my hair, the sounds of nature..."

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