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Default 01-29-2014, 04:25 PM

Name: Janelle Mortic
Age: 14
Appearence: Medium length auburn hair, deep blue almond shaped eyes, and a pale complextion. She is quite small and lanky.
Personality: Janelle is quite inquisitive and curious by nature. She can be a tad stubborn when it comes to finding out the truth and tends to find books more interesting than people. Janelle also tends to be more quiet, especially around people she doesn't know.
Short Bio: Janelle hardly knew Darlene. She had one class with her and it was an easy elective class. She knew Darlene was snobby and rude but figured as long as she stayed out of the way, she would survive the year. Janelle, while very much into books, also studied martial arts. Her mother had just married Erik's father, so she had just switched schools at the beginning of the year.

Name: Erik Hawkins
Age: 16
Appearence: A little over average height, buff build, midnight black hair and green eyes. Kinda has that tall, dark, and handsome persona.
Personality: Erik loves to look at life in the way of numbers and statistics. He wants to know the facts before ever coming to a conclusion. Because of this, he tends to look more towards rational thought rather than gut feelings which can cause him to be quite standoff-ish. He is quite protective of his younger step-sister, Janelle, and tends to micromanage lots of thing.
Short Bio: Erik is more into the regular crowd than anything else. He roots for his school teams, comes to rallies, and some parties but he is very invested into his schooling and education. He floats in and out of crowds, knowing Darlene from a couple parties that he had been too and, even tho she had flirted, he wasn't interested.

Janelle and Erik walked down the hallway. "What is all the fuss about?" Janelle whispered.

"Darlene was just murdered a couple of days ago, Janie. She was a very popular figure around the school and her friends are mourning the loss of her death."

"A couple kids died at my school last year and we didn't build a shrine. What makes this girl so special?" Janelle asked, as Erik led them over to Darlene's locker.

"James, Alison. I heard about what happened to Darlene. I'm so sorry. Is there anything my sister and I can do to help?" Erik replied, softly.

Janelle hugged her books closer to her chest and looked down at her feet, feeling quite uncomfortable.

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