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Peter laughed, "Daddy's right. It's bedtime for you, sweetie. How about if we have a quick story time?"
Carey nodded, "Mr. Ellingson, have you ever considered a career in music?"

"Oh, uh, well of course I have considered it, but I've kind of moved past that. It's just a hobby of mine now." Kevin replied. "I work in politics back in America."

"If I were to make an offer you a record deal with our label, Kevin, then your response would be...?"

"Uh, I don't know. It would depend..." Kevin mumbled with uncertainty. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, but Kevin liked his current career. He went to school and studied political science after all, not music.
David took Rachel's hand, "Yes, let's. But I do hope we have time to have lunch with her and Alexander tomorrow before we leave."
Natalie closed the door behind herself and Sharp. She turned to him and he had already began undressing. "Stop... just for one minute, Luke. I want to talk."

He had only gotten his blazer and shirt off before she instructed him to stop. He took her a hand and sat down on the bed with her. "What is it? Something wrong?"

She giggled, "No... no. I just want to talk."

"Uh, sure." Luke blinked, finding it odd that when Natalie was drunk she only wanted to talk, while sober she always wanted to be intimate with him. The opposite of most women he had been with. XD He looked at Natalie and rubbed her hands in his. He kissed her cheek, "You look beautiful tonight. I love that dress on you, and your hair... it looks, and feels, so soft..."

"Thank you." She blushed as he ran his hands through her hair. "You look handsome yourself."

"You're too kind." He smiled back.

"Why are you working for David Rice?" Natalie asked him.

Sharp was surprised by the question. "Why?"

"You worked for the FBI before, didn't you? Why'd you quit that and start working for him?"

"I worked in the CIA, actually." He laughed, knowing a girl like Natalie likely wouldn't know the difference. "I helped gather intelligence, mostly to help keep out country safe from terrorism. I can't say much else. It's all classified information. But I quit because I didn't want to be a part of that anymore. I couldn't have a life. Whenever I started dating a woman, they were either a spy or they would find me incredibly suspicious, unable to tell them where I worked or what I did, leaving at odd hours and disappearing for months at a time. I simply couldn't do it anymore. As for working for David, well, that I happened to stumble upon. Mr. Rice was somebody I was told to keep an eye on, as it was rumored he was developing a poison strong enough to kill a human being."

"Qwik-Death...?" Natalie tilted her head, "Are you saying Mr. Rice made QD? The creator of the Program, who claims to save teenagers from suicide, also created the very thing that most are using to kill themselves?"

"That is what was rumored, yes." Luke nodded. "However, I don't have any solid proof. I did happen to look around a little bit while I was there earlier in the week, but found nothing conclusive. Even if I did, that's no longer my job, and in finding and releasing that kind of information, I would most certainly be risking my own life. Mr. Rice is a murderer. He would not hesitate to do to me, as he has had me help do to many others."

"Whoa, hold up. You're talking to fast, Luke. You've helped him do what before...?"

"Let me explain further. So, I was given the mission to keep surveillance on Mr. Rice. Unfortunately for me, he never sc'rewed anything up. I was getting frustrated. I noted that he was a cold, wife-abusing, egomaniacal man with a Master's degree in Biochemistry, who certainly had the time, money, and education to have been making Qwik-Death, but even if all the pieces seemed to fit, there was no concrete evidence he was doing anything wrong - nothing of international security concern, at least. I decided I would talk to him in person. I followed him into a small breakfast restaurant in London and went inside after him. He had dropped his wallet earlier on that day, which was a gift for me, as it gave me a reason to approach him."

Luke continued, "I approached the table Mr. Rice had sat at and told him I had found his wallet on the ground outside the restaurant. He told me to stay put, counted the money and credit cards in case I had stolen them, and then he told me to sit down. I sat across from Mr. Rice, and he thanked me for bringing his wallet back to him with everything inside, as most 'common folk' would have taken something. He offered me a coffee, and we got to talking."

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