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Torie laughed. "Yes, because if you hadn't of given it to him I would have never heard his beautiful music." She replied.

The maid found Paisley and Martha.

"Oh, just bring the cops in. I'm sure this is nothing but a misunderstanding." Paisley replied, sitting down.

The maid nodded and quickly left to go get the officers. Once they had been brought to Paisley and Martha, the buffer one coughed. "Mrs. Ellingson, Mrs. Ellingson-Greene."

"Yes, officers. What can we do for you?" Paisley asked.

Adele pulled the speaker cords out from the band's instruments and plugged it into her boom box.

"Well, I have to come to tell you that we received a complaint-"

"A complaint from who? What neighbors are there around us to call in a complaint?" Paisley snapped.

"A complaint about a noise issue."

"Again, who is around to call in a complaint and what do you mean noise issue. There is no sound coming from this house." Paisley snapped, again.

Adele pressed play on her boom box and Katy Perry's song Peac*ck came blaring over the speaker system.

"Exactly, Ma'am. There was enough noise for this party!" The man shouted, as both started to str*p and dance around their respective partners.

Paisley screamed in disgust as the buff guy shook his a*s in her face and tried to push him away.

Robert picked up So Li and covered her eyes, laughing.

Katie gasped and covered James eyes as well.

"Mom! I want to see what is going on. Why is everyone laughing?" James whined.

Katie was bright red and couldn't help but laugh as well.

Torie looked over at all of the commotion and busted out laughing. "Oh. My. God." She said, in disbelief.

Rachel had stopped dancing with David when the music stopped and also stared at the commotion. "Oh.." She said, not sure whether to laugh or feel terrible for a freaked out Paisley.

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