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"Still early then? I remember what that was like when I was pregnant." Liz said with a smile, replying to Torie but staring at Kevin.

Kevin say what she was doing. Making comments that, on the surface seemed quite harmless, but were secretly rude to either him or Torie.

"Look at that smile, Kevin. I don't blame her. Having a child with an Ellingson? That's practically every little girl's dream, your family is nearly royalty. I know when I was her age, God, 5 years ago now, all I wanted to get married and have a child with an Ellingson, so when I was 18, I started dating one, but we all know how that turned out."

You clever b'itch... Kevin glared at her.

"Oh, we're not that special." Nina laughed. "Torie didn't even know he was an Ellingson when they started seeing each other."

"She didn't?" Liz replied. In a joking tone, she asked, "What other secrets did you hide from her?"

"Nothing. She knows everything by now." Kevin shrugged.

"So she knows about your little problem then? Oh, sweetie," Liz put a hand on Torie's shoulder, "I heard he said he isn't going to drink anymore. Isn't that sweet that he'd say he'd make that commitment for you? It wouldn't be the first time he would have said that, but hopefully for your baby's sake, this time will be different than the last 20 times."

"I made myself a drink, but poured it down the sink today." Kevin said, rather proudly.

"You did? Good for you, Kevin." Natalie smiled at him.


"It must have been hard for you," Said Liz, "I remember the one time you tried to get sober and you poured all the beer in our fridge down the drain, you actually cried about it. It was so adorable. Less adorable was when you came home the next day, having drove drunk from the bar, and spent all night throwing up in the toilet. But I'm sure this time will be different, right? There's a baby involved now."

"Yes, this time will be different." Kevin rolled his eyes.

Liz hugged him, "Awe, I'm so glad to hear that you think it will be different. I hope so."
Martha turned to her daughter, "Paisley, darling. Ugh, Joseph, Nina, and their family arrived. Kevin and Victoria told them about the pregnancy. They seemed rather happy, I said something, and then Victoria talked back to me, so I told Kevin to drive her to a hotel when they're done talking to his family. Therefore, Paisley, you won't have to worry about Victoria until the party.

But we will have to put up with your Uncle Joseph's and his Swedish mail-order sl'ut wife and the rest of them. Ugh, can you believe there's a pro'stitute in the family? Or, well, 'adult film' star, but either way she's making money by f*cking men she's not dating, and worse than a pro'sititute, she's doing it on film so millions of men can watch it. Disgraceful."
Henry was in his room with Alessandra, who was trying on all the dresses she brought and trying to decide which to wear to the party. "Shouldn't we have done this before we left? It would have saved luggage space."

"Just tell me which dress looks best, Henry." Alessandra replied, not caring much for his logic. XD
Cecil wiped away tears, "Yeah. Mama and Papa."

Peter went over and cleaned up all Cecil's blocks. He kissed So Li's forehead and said, "I'm sorry your friend has to leave, So Li."
Flint walked inside with Adele. Tommy saw his son come in and walked over, "Flint Thomas Ellingson, where on God's green Earth did you go off to without telling your mother and me?"

Flint swallowed and then shrugged, "Just into the city. I'm fine, father."

"Your mother is with Farrow and Harris, worried sick about you! We tried calling you, we tried texting you... why do I even bother paying $100 a month for that phone of yours if you aren't going to answer your parents? Gave me your phone, Flint."

"Father, I need it."

"Give me the phone." Tommy demanded, holding his hand out.

Flint rolled his eyes, took out his iPhone, and put it in his dad's hand. "Fine."

Tommy put the phone in his pocket, "Now go to your room and stay there. You're grounded. If you leave again without telling me or your mother, you can consider your phone smashed."

Flint, annoyed, walked to his room and slammed the door.
"An alleyway where it looks like someone is selling pot...?" Heather said, unsure how to lie about where she wanted to go. "You know what, forget it, I'll go get some later if I need it. Let's just go."

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