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Peter sat on the bed, watching them. He sighed, "I apologize on behalf of my sister, Rob. I cannot believe she called you the f-word. And Darcy saying we can't raise a child together because we're g@y... So Li seems to feel otherwise. She's quite happy."
Martha looked at the rest of the people at the table, Paisley, Jackson, Tommy, Darcy, Flint and Eva. "How very rude of the others to leave early."

Darcy shrugged, "Paisley, you were awfully rude to them. Of course, you were also very right. I still believe Robert and Peter are going to end up confusing that little Chinese girl, whatever he name was I cannot recall, with their relationship. She's not going to understand why she has two daddies while every other girl her age has one father and one mother. Not only will she be confused her whole life, she'll probably be ridiculed when she gets to be a little older and her schoolmates find out her parents are two men. As for Kevin... bringing a young pregnant girl to the reunion was not really what I expected. It is not helpful to the image for our family, him knocking up a teenage girl out of wedlock. By the sounds of it, she only recently turned 18, and the child was a mistake. Not only all that, but she is not taking good care of herself."

Martha nodded, "She is far too thin. Elizabeth was a healthy weight, and she wasn't underage. Hopefully when he sees her at the reunion, he will smarten up and go back to Elizabeth, and tell Veronica to get an abortion."

"I think her name was Victoria." Jackson said.

"Bella Anne, refill my drink. I do not pay you to stand around." Martha yelled over at the help before turning back to the others, "Close enough. I suppose, if he does stay with her, at least he's settling down. Living how he was living is not only a good way to catch an STD, but it was plain unacceptable for a 25 year old Ellingson. Any age, really, it would still be inappropriate for an Ellingson."

"Well, look at the rest of them, Martha." Darcy added, referring to his close family. They're hardly one of us. Instead of acting like an Ellingson, they're living in L.A. trying to play their little game of celebrity. Oh, and I heard Natalie was doing adult films. P0rnography. An ELLINGSON, showing off their bits on camera. I have never been so wholly disgusted."
"No, I'm glad you did. What Paisley was saying to you was mean, and I would expect you to stand up for yourself. She's just jealous that you're pregnant too and stealing some of her thunder... that, and she's always been a snobby b*tch." Kevin rubbed her back. "It'll get easier, I hope."
Heather kissed Alex, sloppily making out with him for a moment before pulling back and saying, not quite as slurred as Janelle but still obviously inebriated, "The three of us should head back to the hotel. Alex, did you know? Did you know Janelle and I used to have s'ex? I think, I think I told you when Kyle wanted to beat the sh'it out of whoever I slept with. I know you weren't interested in what we did with Lacey and Ryan, but this time, this time maybe just us three. It'll be like Three's Company type sh'it."

Heather didn't mean to tell Janelle about the Lacey/Ryan thing, but it came out since she was kind of hammered.
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