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Default 12-26-2013, 01:53 AM

Kevin kissed her forehead and left the room. He walked past Sharp and into the kitchen. As soon as he opened the fridge, Sharp yelled, "DON'T even think about it."

"I'm hungry." he said quietly, sounding unsure.

"It never ceases to amaze what an awful liar a hopeful politician can be." Sharp stared at him. "Why do you feel the need to have a beer, Kevin?"

"Because I'm thirsty and I like beer. You had the last of the juice this morning, so it's either beer or water."

"Drink the water then, Kevin. It will quench your thirst more."

"I hate water though."

"Kevin..." Sharp said, sounding like a stern parent.

"What? It's my fridge, my beer, my choice."

"Victoria would be very happy if she found you drinking from a water bottle instead of a beer bottle."

Kevin sighed, "Fine. I'll have water." He took out a water bottle at sat on the couch with Sharp. "Hey, Sharp?"


"I will drink only water for the rest of the day if you tell me your name."

"Make it no alcohol until you go to the reunion, and that's the deal."

Kevin thought for a minute. "Why would you care?"

"Because I am here to protect Victoria, and in doing so, I have grown quite fond of the girl. Not in the same way as I am fond of your little sister, but I see Victoria as a little sister of sorts and I think she would appreciate if I made you take that deal for her."

"Fine, if it's for Torie, then it's a deal. No alcohol until I'm in Europe."


"Luke?" Kevin raised a brow. "Huh. Can I call you Luke, then?"

Sharp laughed, "In private, yeah, sure you can."

Kevin grinned. "You know, Luke, I misjudged you."

"That's normal, don't worry about it." Luke shrugged.

"How about we play some Killzone on my PS4?"

"Haven't played on a PS4 yet. I'm more of an Xbox guy, but I'll try out your inferior choice of gaming system." Luke laughed again.

The two played Killzone. Soon, Kevin got up and grabbed a bag of Doritos for the two of them. At that moment, Sharp felt something he hadn't in a while. Friendship. It was truly a sight to behold, Kevin drinking water and Sharp laughing like a normal guy. If Torie walked in, both of them had no doubt she'd be amused by it.

Heather was waiting at the mansion for Alex, wondering what was taking him so long. They did, after all, have the fight with Quinton today.

Ella was also at the mansion waiting for someone, but she was waiting for Torie. She wanted to report Quinton r@ping her to the police, and she wanted Torie there for support.

"Yeah, Lacey... she's alright. We're close. She's..."

"Really great in bed, yeah?"

Ryan looked at Victor, tilting his head, "Uh, yeah. How'd you-"

"I've slept with her." Victor admitted.

"Right... well, anyway... Torie one hell of a girl alright, breaking my heart to be with that @sshole. I broke it off when I had enough of her two timing me, telling me she loved me to my face and going back to his bedroom and f*cking him at night. Seeing what happened on the TV... when they showed the live feed of inside, with Kevin tied up... I thought about how Torie must be feeling and... and, it was weird, but it... it gave me a rush just to watch it."

"That's great to hear, Ryan. We may need your help in the future with something, and it's great to hear you no longer have any feelings toward her and Kevin."

"I never had any feelings for Kevin other than pure hatred, and when I found out Torie was knocked up, that feeling spread to her too."
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