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Torie giggled and quietly slipped into the guest bedroom. After she was safely inside, her smile dropped to a scowl as she slipped off her dress and threw into a corner. She looked at herself in the mirror, and was slightly shocked at the determined look on her face. She shook her head and climbed into bed, keeping the lights off and putting a pretty little smile on her face.
"Then don't think about it." Mike replied. "And you're right, most teenage moms don't get good jobs or go to school but not most teenage moms. You have a drive in you that is incredible and you're intelligent. Go to high school online or talk with the school. I'm sure there is something that they can work out with you."
"And no offense, but look at how well that has gone." Greg replied, gently. "And honestly, Ryan, she just isn't protecting you. I will never repeat this but...I couldn't sleep one night while she was both in the Program and when she was at the cabin. When she was at the Program, I saw her pacing one night and she was crying her heart out. She kept repeating to herself 'I will not forget' and after a few minutes, it was like something came over her...almost like a realization of sorts. She collapsed to the ground and looked up to the camera. The look in her eyes was something I had never seen, at least not in her: desperation and true fear. Being in the Program changed her far more than anyone realizes.

When I watched her at the cabin, and she didn't know we were all alive, she was completely different. She was looking at herself in the mirror, after she had smashed it, and this was a completely different Torie. There was tension in her shoulders and...she was angry. She said turned her head as Kevin shouted something up at her and then looked back at the mirror and smiled. was weird. It was this..dark and determined smile. She said 'I will not let their deaths go unpunished'. She then walked out of the room and down to Kevin. She never cared about him. He was always a tool her. I think that, had she only watched you die, she would be have been ok or if she had just watched all of us die, she would have been ok....but seeing all of us broke her. She's an amazing actress, I'll give her that, but...if you haven't notice, she's also separating herself from us. Kevin is expendable to her. That's why she's over there. She doesn't want anyone to see that she still cares about us. She wants people to believe that if something happens to one of, she doesn't care. Because while you may be her greatest weakness, we all are and she would do anything to protect us...even if it meant walking away."

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