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Rachel nodded. "But enough about all of this nonsense. Let's just enjoy our night out."
"Whether or not it was meant to kill humans is besides the point. The atomic bomb was originally supposed to be an energy source, not a weapon. Doesn't matter what something was meant to be used for, just what it is used for." Torie replied, sadly.

The cab driver soon stopped in front of the coffee shop. "Here we are, lady and gentlemen."

"Thank you." Torie said, pulling money out of her purse before Alex could get to his wallet. Alex sighed and got out, allowing Torie to pay the cab driver. He then held the door open, helping Torie out of the cab.

Phoenix's Fire was a small corner shop that was fairly plain. It had a small patio to one side with about 6 tables with 3 chairs each and a very plain looking front door. The windows were completely blacked out with a simple wood door.

Torie walked inside and smiled as she smelled the familiar air. It had musty smell due to enormous amount of incense they burned.

The door opened to a medium 8-step staircase with an iron-wrought banister and an open view of the shop. To one side, there was a small, wooden stage with a microphone off to one side and a red curtain as the back drop. There were several tables and chairs around the stage as well in near the coffee station towards the back of the shop. Along all the walls were built in book shelves which held an assortment of different things. Some books shelves did hold books while the ones closet to the coffee station held an assortment of gifts, coffees, teas, and herbs. Other shelves held decorations and some locally made crafts the could be bought.

Torie looked to Sebastian and Alex. "Awesome, right?"

Alex nodded. "Not bad."
"Why don't we just head back to the hotel and order room service. My treat." He replied, smiling.

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