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"They have joint custody but due to my dad's work schedule, I usually spend more time with her. I see my dad a lot as well but I spend most of my nights at Mom's." Lacey replied. "I wish I got to spend more nights with dad cause we get along better but he works a lot of swing shift so it can't be helped."
Torie blushed. "Thank you, Kevin." She replied, smiling as she ate her own dinner.

Rachel blinked. "Its nice to see that you have higher aspirations than your parents, Kevin. And Victoria, when did you learn how to cook?" She asked, surprised.

"Frankie taught me. He said that everyone should learn the joy of cooking and that since I was always in the house, it would give me something to do other than just homework. He's taught me for about 2 years." Torie replied.

"Well, I am glad to see that you have enjoyed yourself while you were over here. I am also glad to see that you have added higher standards in potential mates." Rachel replied.

"Mother, please, I do not wish to talk about that." Torie replied, looking away from both Kevin and Rachel.

"Victoria, all I am saying is that Ryan was not a match for you. You need someone who is going to care for you and not be so...violent and brutish."

"You never even met him, so how can you judge him?" Torie replied, coldly. She turned her head so she could stare directly at her mother.

"Because I have seen his work and also his file at the Program. Darling, please take the sheep wool off your eyes and look at him. He was violent and a menace to society. He beat up two young boys for no reason, Victoria."

"No reason!? Quinton blackmailed Ella into having se'x with her because he has this...sick crush on her. He forced her to have se'x with Alex, hence why one of the babies she was carrying was his, and he also forced her to many other things I do not ever wish to repeat. He also put a drop of QD down her throat in order to scare not only us but to also make her sick. Alex, on the other hand, decided to beat the sh*t out of me multiple times. If Ryan had not intervened I may not be here. So, no, he did just beat two young boys for no reason. He was protecting his family in the best way he knew possible. While it may have not been the right way, at least he did not lay down like a floor mat. He had more courage and bravery than most guys ever do. Before you try to taint his memory, make sure you have all the facts." Torie replied, icily and lividly.

"Victoria, I only meant-" Rachel tried to reply.

"No, you meant every word you said. Don't try to change your words once they come out." She replied, standing up. "Kevin and I invited you over here for a nice dinner. Unfortunately, I have now lost my appetite. Please, excuse me." She added, walking into the kitchen.

Rachel sighed. "Please excuse me as well." She said to Kevin. She walked into the kitchen to see Torie doing dishes by hand, even tho there was a dishwasher right next to her. "Victoria, please listen to me. Ryan and yourself could have never happened. You are-"

"You don't think I don't know that." Torie cut her off. "My relationship with Ryan was a mere fool's idea. A child's play. No matter how much I may have wanted to be with him, we come from different worlds. You know, sometimes I think that it may have been a good thing that he died because then at least we don't have to go on in life pretending to love someone else when we really love each other. We both don't have to live with the pain of being separated. Please, save the lecture because I have already thought of all the possible reasons why Ryan and I could have never been together." She added, strangely calm.

Rachel hugged her daughter. "Sweetheart, you have something amazing going on here. Capturing the heart of someone so high born, I would have never of thought you could do that. Your father is going to be so impressed."

"Which one? The one who raised me or the sperm donor?" Torie replied, icily. "And thanks for having so much faith in your own daughter."

"Victoria, David is not just a sperm donor. If he would have known a long time ago, when I first suspected it-"

"It doesn't matter. He wasn't there and he doesn't care about me. He only cares about you. I am fine with that but everyone else seems to want him and I to have this amazing new relationship. He is nothing more than a sperm donor to me." She replied.
Janelle gasped. "Seriously! Do you not know what he has done?" She replied, without out thinking.

Mike's and Greg's jaws both dropped.

Alex blinked, and nodded in amazement.

Being single doesn't make you weak, it means that you are strong enough to be on your own; Being alone could be a good thing, because there is no drama involved in your life, no pain, and free to do what ever you want. Life is too short to be chasing those who aren't even worth fighting for, you are worth more than that.
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