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Kevin shook it, "No, I'm not just a friend. I work for Senator James, who knows Torie through the resistance, and she wants me to keep an eye on Torie after... after something terrible happened to her. She was taken to the Program and now thinks all her friends are dead." Kevin said quietly.


David snapped his fingers, causing Sharp to grab Anna by the hair, pulling her head upward and holding a knife to her throat. David shook his head, "Amon, you didn't listen to me when I told you not to hurt Torie, why should I do what you want? You're a nobody. I am David Rice. I am a very powerful and important man, and you p*ssed me off."

Sharp whispered in Anna's ear again, "I am not going to hurt you."

David continued, "There is nothing that I want from you that you can give, Amon. I don't need to ask you to quit, I can fire you. I don't need your money, I am worth about $100 million US. I don't need your promises, because your word is as good as dirt. That's why you're here. You are a liar, a traitor and a weasel, Amon.

"Anna here... She's about Torie's age. Imagine how you'd feel if someone kept her awake for days in solitary confinement. If someone made her believe that she caused all her friends to die. I am assuming you'd want to do anything to get back at the person who did this, correct? I don't have the resources to do the same to your daughter as you did mine, but I can sure destroy her in other ways... Now what are you willing to do to save your precious daughter?" David walked around to the back of Amon's chair, putting his hands around his neck and squeezing enough to cause him difficulty breathing, but not enough to fully choke him. "Are you willing to go through torture to save her? Because now the fun begins."

He let go of Amon and walked back over to Rachel. He whispered to her, "How far am I allowed to take things with his daughter? I am going to need to do something to make him squirm. A slap? A cut? A kiss from Sharp? A drop of Qwik-Death?"


It was Liv's first day back at Lincoln after being released from transitional. She saw her sister sitting in the hallway and kicked Ella's foot, "Hey."

Ella looked up at her sister, who looked incredibly nervous. "Oh, Liv, I forgot today was your first day back or I would have waited for you."

"It's okay. Mind showing me to my class? I don't understand how these numbers work." Liv said as she passed her schedule to Ella.

Ella looked at the schedule and then handed it back. "Your first class is just down the hall in D061. D is the corridor, and the last number is the floor. So this classroom," Ella pointed up the number on her classroom door, "Is D121. 1st floor, D corridor, room 12."

"Shouldn't they put the floor first and then the room? So, like, then this classroom would be D112 and mine would be D105?" Liv tilted her head, "What a dumb numbering system."

"I agree, but that's how it is. What's your second class?"

"A103. A corridor, 3rd floor, room 10?"

"Exactly." Ella nodded. "If you want to come talk to me at break, I'll be in the library. The library isn't hard to find - it's right across from the cafeteria in the second floor A hallway, near the front doors of the school."

"Yeah, I think I passed by it on my way inside. Thanks, Ella."

"No problem, Liv." Ella said before burying her face back into her textbook.

Liv walked up the stairs and towards her classroom.

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