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Default 10-19-2013, 01:09 AM

Greg came outside. "Hey guys, you might want to come see this." He said, walking back inside.

Greg had been going through the different footage that he had possibly missed and found something interesting.

Janelle was already sitting on the couch with a cup of hot tea.
Torie was absentmindedly playing with where her locket usually lay.

Alex decided to intervene. xD He came outside with two blankets. "Hey are you two going to sit out here until you freeze." He said, tossing a blanket to Kevin and wrapped the other one around Torie.

"I like the cold." She mumbled, holding the blanket around her.

"Torie, you can't sit here and freeze." Alex replied. "Come inside and I will make some hot cocoa. Kiki brought over your favorite kind from the house."
David sent chills down her spine as she ran her fingers through his hair. "Death would be a mercy to him which he does not deserve." She replied.
Dr. Amon drove to his house. It was a small house with a two-car car port attached to the side and a car parked in front of the house. There was already one car parked closest to the house and little kids toys littered the front yard. A young teenage girl, no older than Torie, can storming out of the house. "Anna, what is wrong?" Amon replied, exhausted.

"That b*tch you call your wife grounded me-again. How many times do I have to tell her that she is not my mother and I will not listen to her." Anna yelled.

"Anna, watch your language. Circe is just trying to-"

"To what? Ruin my life. Why do you always take her side?" Anna demanded.

"I don't always take her side but why did she ground you?" Amon asked.

"Because her precious little boy was in my room and I kicked him out which sent him crying. She claimed that I hurt him and should stay in my room until I apologize. That is MY room, not his." Anna spat.

"Well, Anna, I need to hear her side and then-"

"You are still taking her side!" Anna yelled, speechless. "You know what, fine. I'm going out." She said, storming back into the house and grabbing her purse off the counter. Amon followed her inside and then back outside.

"Anna, where are you going?" He demanded.

"Oh, so now you care. You can't just pick and choose when you care about me, Dad." She snapped, getting into the car parked on the street. She quickly turned the car on and sped off.

Amon stood there for a moment before walking back inside.

Being single doesn't make you weak, it means that you are strong enough to be on your own; Being alone could be a good thing, because there is no drama involved in your life, no pain, and free to do what ever you want. Life is too short to be chasing those who aren't even worth fighting for, you are worth more than that.
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