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Ryan was so upset that he looked emotionless on the outside.

The doctor asked Ryan, "Who does she know that didn't die on that tape?"

Ryan thought the question was odd, but he answered, "Alex, and Heather. But she might not think of them as too friendly right now."

"That is fine. Alex is already staying at Torie's, but call Heather and have her stay over at Torie's as well." Dr. Martin told Ryan, and then walked into Torie's room. He sat down on a chair across from her. "Torie, it's Dr. Martin. How are you feeling? I heard about your friends."

Stanley's tactic was not to convince her that her friends were all alive, but to help her deal with what she perceived as reality. In her current state, there was no way she would believe him if he told her the truth. When she felt relatively 'normal' again, then she might believe him, but currently there was no chance.

"Tragedies do occur. It was wrong of them to show you that footage. Fortunately, I'll be able to take you home. Mr. Rice feels awful about what happened, and has granted you release. I will stay at your guest house, and some of your friends will be staying with you too. Alex flew back in, and Heather will also be there. I know they haven't been your greatest friends lately, but with the tragedy that occurred... I'm positive they will make a great support system."


Ryan texted Alex, telling him about what had happened. He also texted Heather about the video that Torie had seen, and told her to come and stay at Torie's for a while. He turned to Janelle and David and asked, "What do you think he's going to do or say?"

David looked through the peephole. "I don't know, but he looks upset? Perhaps... Ah, yes, it makes sense." He nodded.

"What makes sense?" Ryan asked, confused.

"He's telling her the video was true, and that you are all dead." David said, nonchalantly.

"WHAT? Why would he do that? We want her to know we're still alive!" Ryan protested.

"How well did it go when you two went in and told her you were alive? Not well. If you want her to get better, first she's going to have to come to terms with your deaths. Dr. Martin is an intelligent man and a good doctor. I understand why he was hired in the first place - unlike Dr. Amon."


Dave thought for a moment, and suddenly went pale. His uncle's voice echoing through his head.

Come here, kiddo.
It'll be okay, kiddo. I'm not going to hurt you.
Shhh. Quiet. You don't want to wake your parents, eh, kiddo?

Dave stood up and dropped the CD and the card, his eyes wide and blank, like a deer in headlights. "I... I need to go take a nap. Call me when dinner's ready, mom." The young man said, sounding rather distant. He walked up the stairs and sat on the landing, out of sight from everyone but listening in.

"I told you not to bring him here, Nate. I f*cking told you." Leah slapped her ex-husband.

"Do not curse, Leah. Julia is in the room. Not in front of Julia." Diane said, covering the dark-haired pigtailed toddler's ears.

"Shut up, Diane, she doesn't understand the word f*ck. Or, at least she wouldn't, if you didn't make it such a big deal. I - oh, AND your darling husband Nate - swore in front of Dave all the time when he was younger and-"

"And look how he turned out." Diane muttered under her breath.

Leah's face tensed, "What did you say about my son? I'm sorry he's not perfect like your 2-year old daughter, but I'll bet she'll be just as messed up in 8 years when Max molests her."

Max folded his arms, "WOW, Leah. Stop with the accusations. I never touched Dave. He was an imaginative kid. He had imaginary friends. I think he's schizophrenic or something, I dunno, but I didn't-"

"Get. The. Hell. OUT." She pointed to Nate, Max, and Diane.

"You should probably leave." One of the others, a friend of Leah's named Reina, said sternly. She was on her friend's side, of course. Of the nealy 40 people who had attended, there was only 8 left in the room - Leah, Nate, Max, Diane, Julia, Reina, Reina's 5 month old baby boy, and Reina's husband.

Leah continued to glare at Nate, Max, and Diane until they gathered their things and left.

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