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"I wonder what he's planning to do to her." Ryan thought aloud. He turned to Janelle, "Oh, I forgot to mention I invited Dave and Lissa over for the group. I hope Dr. Martin doesn't mind."
"Stanley Martin. Don't be afraid to call me by my first name." Dr. Martin stood up and put out his hand to shake.
"The meeting went... decent, I suppose. I expected her to act exactly as she did - which is both a positive, and a negative. Positively, she wasn't violent with me and kept her attacks verbal, but negatively... it means she's fighting hard against this. She's very strong-willed.

I want to discuss how to deal with her. I have a few ideas of my own, but I would like to hear yours first. Whatever methods you deem necessary to get rid of her memories in the fastest, most complete way possible. After we erase her memories though, I would like to try out my new pill. Red, also known as #3, Gamma, or Implant... Which can actually help to create false memories. So far we've only tested it with animals, putting a rat in a maze they've never been in before and giving them a memory to make them believe they had made there way through the maze previously, and the fake memory has been shown to be effective since they navigate the maze with little difficulty.

Of course, with humans we could do more than give them the knowledge to complete a maze. Think of all we could do with the human mind! With much more research into this, we may be able to teach humans new skills without actually teaching them - just by giving them the memory of having learned it! Of course, implanting skill memories would be quite complex. For example, for someone to be able to play the guitar, they'd need to understand how to read sheet music, they'd need to know all the chords, AND there would need to be a correlation between that and knowing how to move their hands and fingers to achieve each certain chord. That connection makes skill learning this way difficult, but hopefully in the future it will be doable. Likely not for another 50 or so years - and when it does come to fruition, they price tag on learning skills via Red would be MASSIVE - in the hundred thousands for one new skill.

In Torie's case however, I simply plan on erasing her memories of her friends and implanting new memories that may cause her to have negative feelings towards some of them. Perhaps she will re-remember her boyfriend as a violent bully who has always been very cruel to her, or remember a non-existent fight with her best friend. We could even try and plant a memory causing her to believe that she WAS depressed, or that she wanted to come here, OR that she is 100% against this resistance group. There is so much we could do with Red, that I get extremely excited when I consider the possibilities."

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