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Janelle nodded and also walked out, followed by Mike and Cole. She caught up to Ryan and hugged him, not saying a word.
Torie woke up on a couch surrounded by four men in white lab coats. She groaned and rubbed her head. She slowly sat up and noticed a young woman sitting across from her. Her dark brown hair pulled up into a tight bun, small black wired glasses, and a white coat on as well. Torie blinked. “Who are you?” She asked, blinking as she became adjusted to the white light.

“My name is Dr. Grace and I am your assigned therapist.” She replied, in gentle tone. “How is your head?”

“It’s fine.” Tore said, even though her head was pounding. “Why am I in here?” She asked, as she looked around the room. It wasn’t much bigger than her own room. The room was painted a neutral brown instead of white, there was a couch and a chair, both a dark brown, and a desk to one side. There was also a small side table next to the chair with a phone on it and a small coffee table between the couch and the chair.

“You are here for your first therapy session.” Dr. Grace informed her.

“Well you can take your therapy session and shove it where the sun don’t shine.” Torie snapped.

“Victoria, I am afraid I cannot do that.”

“How many times do I have to tell you people. You can call me Miss Freemon. Not Victoria, not Torie, Miss Freemon.” She insisted.

Dr. Grace nodded and made some notes in her notepad.

Torie watched her and the other four gentlemen wearily.

“Miss Freemon, will you please take this pill for me?” Dr. Grace asked, pushing a yellow pill and a small glass of water towards her.

“No. You people have no right to keep me here. I have done nothing to constitute a stay here. I am neither depressed nor suicidal. The only thing I have done is speak out against you people. That is not a crime, that is free speech.” Torie replied, still nasty, and folded her arms.

Dr. Grace sighed and nodded to one of the guys. He quickly inserted the liquid form of the pill into Torie, who screamed and scratched him. “DON’T F*CKING TOUCH ME YOU AS.SHOLE!” She screamed, rubbing her arm.

The guy yelled and rubbed his arm. Torie glared at him.

“That is all gentlemen. I do not think Miss Freemon will cause anymore chaos. Besides, these therapy sessions are confidential.”

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