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Mike rubbed his shoulder.

Janelle sighed. "Senator James, if that is all...we have had a long day and wish to go home."

Senator James nodded. "Of course. I just wanted to know more details. Great job at the committee tonight. Janelle, you did wonderful speaking on such short notice. Ryan, she lived by your words 'be brave'. Every time she thought she couldn't do something, she uttered those words and went for it."

"She told us to stay strong and to trust one another." Janelle commented.

"Then do that." Senator James replied. "Anything you wish to add Kevin before they leave?"
Torie was pacing in her room when there was a knock. “Victoria-“ A male voice started.

“That’s Miss Freemon to you!” She snapped, still pacing.

“Miss Freemon, it is time for your therapy session. Will you please sit down so I can come in?”

“No. I prefer to stand.” Torie replied, stopping and folding her arms.

There was a mechanic pop in the door, meaning it was unlocked, and a man in his late 20’s stepped into her room. “Miss Freemon, please follow me to your therapy session.”

Torie shook her head. “Scr*w your therapy session. I don’t need one.” She snarled.

“Miss Freemon, we are just trying to help you get better.” He said, reaching for her arm.

She moved away from him. “I don’t need your help. I am fine just the way I am.”

“No, you are not. You have been placed-“


Another man came in. “Clark, do you need any help?”

“Possibly, Mark. “ Clark replied.

Torie started to pace again, not having anything else to do. Unlike Ryan’s stay, Torie was in solitary confinement. She had one bed in the corner, a small chest, and a desk. She had a small window that over looked the front part of the Program. She did not have a TV, as they were afraid of another hack, nor was she allowed any writing utensils. She was basically allowed to do nothing but sit in a room until she was let out for therapy.
“Victoria-“ Mark started, coming into the room.

“You can address me as Miss Freemon.” She repeated herself.

“Sorry, Miss Freemon. Why don’t you come out of your room for a while and talk with someone.”
“Because talking leads to memory loss and I shouldn’t have to fear that.” She snapped.

Clark and Mark each took a couple steps towards her. As soon as they were close enough , they each grabbed one arm. Torie screamed and started to claw at them, drawing blood. “LET GO OF ME!”

Mark yelled as she scratched him, letting go. Torie twisted her wrist out of Clark’s grab and ran out the door. She didn’t know where she was running to, just as long as she was away from that room.

An alarm sounded and soon she was rushed by three guards. She moved between the three of them, grabbing one of the guards and spinning him into the other two. She then continued to run down the hall. She didn’t see the Doctor in the shadows and suddenly felt a ***** in her arm. She continued to run until her vision became fuzzy and her body slowed down. Soon, she was passed out on the ground.

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