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Everyone clapped as she sat down. "Thank you for those informative words, Senator Taylor." Manly replied. "Senator James, your first speaker?"

Shelly smiled and looked at Janelle. "Are you up to speaking?" She asked, softly.

Janelle turned even more pale. "Duhh...sure." She replied, looking like a deer in the headlights.

Cole nodded. "For Torie."

Mike nodded as well. "For Torie." He mimicked.

Janelle nodded and walked up to the front. "Uh...hi everyone." She replied, obviously nervous.

Hatton whispered to a couple of his goons and they all started to snicker.

Janelle swallowed and continued. "I know most of you were expecting Tor-Victoria to speak but unfortunately she cannot be here due to unforeseen reasons. My name is Janelle and Victoria asked me to be apart of the resistance when she first began. She asked me to come today in her place. For all of us to come in her place.

While the Program is showing success now, how will it succeed in the long term. We don't need a short term solution to this problem. Those that are already having difficulties, they show the problems that we cannot ignore nor should we. They are showing signs of anger and hatred which the world already has plenty of. They are showing signs of depression and of aggression. We cannot ignore this. While yes it may only occur in 10% but what happens when the 90% that you consider a success story start showing symptoms of the 10% now. What will you do then when we have an adult population committing suicide and possibly leaving kids to fend for themselves.

You adults think that you are succeeding when really you are creating an environment in which is destroying your children. You have kids in the Program who don't even know what their dreams are or who their friends are. You have kids my age pretending to be happy and joyful and elated to be alive when all they wish is to crawl hole and die. But when they tell someone who they trust, when they talk about their feelings, they find in peace in just talking. We have begun to have a way of dealing with our emotions in very unhealthy habits. Most don't talk about it all, as if what they are feeling is not happening which horrible. To make someone feel like they have to hide who they are in fear who becoming nothing is wrong and horrible on your part. There are better solutions, you all just won't see them because you would have to admit you are wrong." Janelle said, passionately rambling. "Thank you." She said, hurrying off the stage and sitting down next to Cole. She looked at the group. "Ohmygod, that was terrifying." She whispered.

Cole hugged her. "Torie would be proud."

"Uh..guys. I may have found something." Greg's voice rang through the ear pieces. "They completely forged the suicide note and didn't even put it in her locker. I found some old homework of hers and sent both the suicide note and her homework through a handwriting analysis program. It doesn't match as well as I have them on tape writing the note."

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