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Ryan took a deep breath. That had been hard to hear, but he felt like it was important to remember. "Why did they both want to get me thrown into The Program? From the little I remember about Alex from earlier, he seemed to have a disturbing crush on you so I'm assuming he wanted me gone for that reason, but this other guy..." He kept staring at the picture, until he remembered something, "He played football with me. It makes no sense as to why he'd provoke me."

Mary looked up at her son, then stood up and gave him a hug. "Alex, would you like me to ask Sebastian to make you anything?"

David didn't bother even looking up at Alex. He simply said, "Hello, son."

Heather didn't sleep long before she woke up. When she saw Janelle next to her, she tried to nudge her awake, "Hey, Janie, weren't you supposed to text Cole tonight? It's getting a little late."
Ella's father, Jay, had gone to visit Quinton, figuring it would be best to do so without informing Ella first. Although visiting hours were over, they knew him at the Police Station as a defense lawyer, so he was allowed to visit Quinton in his cell. He was led to the cell, where the officer let Mr. Bennett inside Quinton's cell. Jay thanked the security officer as he closed the door and walked away.

Quinton was laying in bed, and opened an eye as he heard some commotion. Upon seeing Jay, he sat up. "Can I help you? Why are you in my cell, you don't appear to have been arrested."

"No, I wasn't arrested - and no you can't help me, but I can help you." Jay's voice was monotone, as he was holding back the urge to punch the young man in the face for what he had done to his daughter. "I'm Jay Bennett, and I'm here to be your lawyer. You know my daughter, Ella... You owe her a lot for me coming here today, kid."

"I'm not a kid. My name is Kyle Quinton, but I prefer just Quinton. And I know I owe Ella, and I plan on paying her back by being a father to the babies."


"Yeah, both, whatever. I'm not taking financial responsibility for that other @sshole's kid, but I'll be around I guess. I just need out of jail first." Quinton shrugged.

"Given what you are being accused of, you can surely understand why I might not see you as fit for being a father to my grandchildren."

"So you know then about my history with Ella."

"I know the details surrounding your attempted murder charge, yes. Although my daughter was the victim, I do agree with you that if you were fully aware that the amount of Qwik-Death you FORCED down my baby's throat was not lethal... then the charge should be one of assault."

"I hope you're less... passionate about this in court. I heard you're one of the best, so I expect you to separate your profession from your personal life."

"Don't talk to me like that, kid." Jay sneered, "When we aren't in the court room, I can talk to you and about you in whichever way I please. You poisoned my daughter and got her pregnant. I sure hope in that order, because the baby-"

"It was in that order."

"How did you pull that off? Ella has more respect for herself then to stay with a boy who nearly killed her."

"Persuasion, Mr. Bennett." Quinton smirked, getting that evil look in his eyes. "You should probably talk about it more with Ella. Anything else I say about that might cause you to not want to take my case."

"Worse than attempted murder?"

"You mean, ASSAULT. Well, it's debatable whether or not anything else I had done was worse. I... I'm not going to lie to you, Mr. Bennett, but I was not the world's nicest boyfriend to say the least. BUT, I feel like I have changed since then. I want to be there for Ella."

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