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"She knows that!" Janelle angrily replied. "Ella, she is just trying to be a good friend to you and she knows that you are hormonal. You are not thinking rationally. If you wanted to get rid of those spawns of Satan there are more rational and effective ways."
Mike laughed. "No, she is not a hippie. She is...well, if you want, you can watch. Greg is our resident techie and he is going to pull the news feed up."
Torie finally reached the center and walked up to the podium. "Welcome ladies and gentlemen. It seems our crowd has become even bigger than last time." She started, smiling.
"Hey Mike. Ryan. It's started!" Greg yelled upstairs.
"Come on. Let's go watch your princess speak to her people." He said, grinning.

"I am afraid to inform you that this will be the last protest for a while. I know, it is a sad day but I have been invited to join many committees and other organizations to help stop the Program. Your voices, our voices, have a made a difference and now I must go on to make sure that your voices are heard. We have demanded a difference, encouraged change, and settled for nothing less. This has created many debates, many discussions but also enemies for myself and my friends. The Program wants my head for being so outspoken against and I must protect myself in order to protect your demands for change." She paused as people started to boo. "We have accomplished much during our protests, and if needed, we will resume. But for now, I must place my focus on the committees and organizations who have asked for my help because we do not back down. We will not settle, we will stay strong and *****vere."

As soon as she was finished, the reporters swarmed her.

"Why is the Program after you?"
"Are you terrified of them taking you?"
"How are your friends reacting to this new knowledge?"
"What organizations and committees have you been asked to serve on?"

"The Program is after me because I am speaking out against them. They believe that the Program is the only and there should not be any opposition. We here are out to prove them wrong and since I am the leader, they are coming after me. Thank you everyone for coming out." Torie said, before stepping down off the podium and starting to walk back through the crowd.

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