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Mr. Zucker had been brought to my room for an emergency session, following a Resistance protest that Victoria had been the leader and speaker of. Our televisions were hacked, and this protest was broadcasted throughout the building. Unfortunately, I have been told that Ryan will need a second, intensive therapy session today to “fix” this.

As I would expect with this type of Emergency therapy session, Ryan is volatile and resistant. Unlike earlier today, he did not take the pill, and security had him injected with the serum.

MARTIN: I apologize for the inconvenience, Ryan.

ZUCKER: Sure you are... You're a part of this; don't try and act like you're sorry. You're just some old guy who doesn't care about me, or anyone else here. To you, we're just “patients” to be “studied”.

MARTIN: I am an employee, working here at The Program to help your generation through a difficult epidemic. I do not mean to come off like “some old guy” who “doesn't care”. I study psychology. Yes, each individual case is intriguing to me and I suppose you could go as far to say I am studying you, but I initially chose to study psychology to help others. As much as I would love to discuss myself, I do not want this session to take any longer than it has to, so I'm going to get right to the point. What is your girlfriend's full name?

ZUCKER: Victoria Freemon, but no one ever calls her Victoria. Just Torie. You already know this, why are you asking?

MARTIN: Standard procedure. Is she in the same grade as you?

ZUCKER: Yes. We have some classes together.

MARTIN: Do you spend time together out of school? If so, where do you like to go? Do you go on dates?

ZUCKER: Mostly we go to Torie's. She lives in a mansion. We spend a lot of time together - almost every day after school. We don't go on many dates, but we did go on one date. I took her out to dinner to Applebee's. I wish I could have taken her somewhere fancier, but I don't have a lot of money. It was a normal date. We sat across from each other and talked... When we went back to her place after we got into a whip-cream fight, spraying each other and laughing... Then we watched a movie, and I slept over at her place.

MARTIN: Were you two intimate that night?

ZUCKER: No, not that night. That was early in our relationship. We have been though. I tried to hold us back from going too fast, but I just couldn't hold back my feelings for her. I love her... Every time I'm near her I get butterflies in my stomach and I think about how lucky I am to have her. I just want to kiss her and hold her and-

MARTIN: Ryan, it will be okay. I promise.

I offered Ryan a tissue, as he had begun to cry.

ZUCKER: No, it won't. I wish Torie was here. Beautiful, loving, intelligent Torie... I miss the way she kisses, and I miss her flirting. I miss the feeling of her hair when I run my fingers through her hair. So silky smooth and soft...

MARTIN: Ryan, you may stop.

ZUCKER: I'm never going to stop thinking about her. I love her. I LOVE HER. Her smile, her voice, the ways she says my name. She met my family the other day, and she never judged me or my family for not having much. She always defended me when Alex would talk down to me. We got into a fight one time because she had forgiven him, but we made up. I got drunk after our one-day break up. I love her so much, I couldn't stand to even be broken up for a day. I can picture her eyes, her cute little nose, her face so clearly-

MARTIN: Ryan...

ZUCKER: Why'd you stop me again?

MARTIN: I am going to ask you more questions. Tell me about the Resistance. Who else is involved?

ZUCKER: I told you the other day. Mi... Mick? Oh God. I don't remember.

MARTIN: Don't remember what?

ZUCKER: The names of my friends. My close friends. We just talked about them earlier today, I remember you asked about them, yet... I can't remember their names.

MARTIN: I think that's enough for today then. Again, I apologize for having two sessions in one day. That was not my choice.

I handed Ryan his pill, and sent him out.

A housekeeper named Betsy picked up the phone, "Hello, may I ask who is calling?"
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