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Soon, it was time for her big speech. DJ Grand stopped the music mid-way through the party. He took the mic and stepped in front of the music stand. He was in his early to mid-20s, blonde hair and skinny. He had on a Greek God costume."Hey everyone, its DJ Grand. Is everyone having a good time?" He held the mic out as everyone cheered.

"Now that is what I like to here! Now, as you know this Halloween party is not only to celebrate the best day of the year but also a way to get the word out about the resistance against the Program. Can I get a cheer for that?"

He held the mic out as everyone cheered again. "Then, without further adieu, here is not only our gorgeous hostess but the rebel leader herself. Victoria Freemon, ladies and gentlemen."

Everyone clapped as her name was called. She took a deep breath to settle her nerves and squeeze Ryan's hand. She smiled as she walked up to the stage and took the mic. "Thank you DJ Grand for that wonderful introduction. And has he not been amazing on keeping the music going?"

Everyone hooted and hollered.

"I would like to thank all of you for coming out. All of your costumes look amazing and I am glad to here that everyone is having a great time." She said, calming down. "As you all know, this invitation was extended to all of the area high schools, not just Lincoln. I wanted us all to be together, as one community, as one voice. As DJ Grand pointed out, I am the rebel leader but I cannot do this alone. I need every single one of you to stand up and use your own voice. We have always been told that one voice can make a difference. What could we accomplish with all of our voices together? If we stand together, we have a better chance of getting the Program shut down. Will this be easy? No. But did Winston Churchill back down when the Na.zis' bombed Britain? No, he stood up and he pushed back. We do not back down in face of adversity. We do not back down when things get rough. We stand and we fight. And we push back. We have already gone through the first weeks of the Program. We have already seen some of our friends and family be buried and some get taken away. We have made it through that. We can make it through this." She smiled as everyone started to clap, hoot, and holler.

She looked down at Ryan and smiled, feeling powerful.

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