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"Yes and no. The Program has this al-mighty attitude. They believe that they are invincible and that they are in the right. This causes them to be very vulnerable. They won't be expecting it and as long as she acts the way she needs to, she should be fine." Torie explained. "I wouldn't put her in this spot if I didn't think she could do it."

"And what if she gets caught. What then?" Mike asked.

"Hopefully we have enough information that we won't need her anymore." Alex said, nonchalantly.

"What the he.ll is that supposed to mean?" Mike standing up, livid.

"It means that if we have to sacrifice some people along the way, if it means sacrificing one for the greater good, then it would be justified." Alex replied, standing up as well.

"So you would just sacrifice Ella for the greater good? She's not a pawn to be sacrificed!" Mike yelled, getting closer to Alex and clenching his fist.

Torie sighed and let go of Ryan, moving herself between the two guys. "Mike, we have to be reasonable about this. Ella knows what she is getting into. And I would never ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn't do myself." Torie said. "Mike, I get your concern. I have the same fears but Ella and I talked it over."

"Besides, everyone is a pawn in this game, including Torie and myself. We would both gladly sacrifice ourselves over our friends. Why do you think Ryan hasn't been a part of any of these plans. Because Torie couldn't stand to lose him."

"Oh so Ella and I are just pawns to you." Mike said, grabbing Torie's shoulders harshly.

"No, Mickael. I never wanted to involve you or Ella. But I have no other option to get Ella out of that situation." Torie said.

"Mike, I suggest you take your hands off Torie." Alex said, aggressively.

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