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((Alrighty. Get ready for a wall of dialogue. xD))

"If it is true I might punch him in the face." Ryan said, nonchalantly.

"Ryan, you can't do that. Firstly because he'll report you and you'll go to The Program, and secondly because then he'll know I told." Ella said as was picking up her phone. "What do you want?"

"How about you try that again? Hello, Quinton, I miss you dearly. How may I be of service, my love? It sounds much nicer that way."

Ella whispered to everyone, "Quiet. If you don't believe me, Ryan, he's my proof." She put the phone on speaker, "I'm sorry, honey, I missed that. What would you prefer I had said?"

Quinton sounded irritated that she had to ask him to repeat it. "I said I want you to try your greeting again. Hello Quinton, I miss you. How may I be of service, my love?"

"Oh. Hello, Quinton, I miss you babe. How may I be of service, love? Was that better?"

"Not exact, but it's definitely a better start. Are you home right now?"

"No, I spent the night at a friend's."

"Not Torie's, right? I told you, you are not allowed to speak with her anymore."

"It's a different friend."

"Male or female."

"Female, I-"

"I haven't seen you hanging out with any other female friends recently. I did however notice you sitting with that tall, black-haired guy with the glasses during the game. Mike, was his name..."

"It's not a crime to sit beside someone of the opposite gender, Quinton. And that's why I decided to stay over at her place, so that we could bond again."

"Who is HER. Care to give me a name?"

"Um, Abby. She goes to a different school." Ella lied.

"Sure she does." Quinton didn't believe her, "So you AREN'T with Torie, Ryan, Mike or Alex." Ella tried to hold back a laugh, since she was in fact there with all 4 of them, but Quinton heard her giggle. "What was that laugh for, El?"

"Oh, nothing. It's comical that you think I'd be hanging out with them. You know I would never disobey you like that. Besides, you were right about Mike and Ryan. They don't like me."

"Whatever that laugh was for, Ella, you won't be laughing soon. Get over to my house. Now."

"I thought you said I wasn't allowed over there after-"

"DON'T back talk. Ella, babe, I don't want to have to send you to The Program, but it's almost like you're trying to have me send you there."

"I swear, I'm not-"

"Remember how important punctuality is to me?"


"You have 15 minutes to be at my house and in my bed. One minute late, and, well, I'll have to give you the A, Ella. You know what that would mean, right?"

"After that I'd be on my last chance." Ella sighed, "Yes, I know what that means."

"Good. You now have 14 minutes. Oh, and before you hang up, tell me you love me."

"Quinton, I love you."

"Ah ah ah, with more feeling. I don't feel like you REALLY meant it."

"You're asking me to tell you that I love you, and are complaining that it sounds forced..."

"Ella, my brown sugar baby, you're wasting your time... Now I need you to add something to that. Tell me you love me and that you want me so bad right now."

"I love you Quinton and I want you so bad right now." After saying that, she stuck out her tongue in disgust.

"Good enough. You're down to 12 minutes. I hope you're getting ready." He said before hanging up.

Ella turned to Ryan, "You believe me now? I have to go put on my shoes and go. It's a just under a 10 minute walk, so I don't have much time."

Ryan looked quite upset. "I'm sorry. Hearing that was... it was awful. I'm sorry, Ella. I can't say that enough."

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