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The day was overcast, and threatened rain so most people were keeping indoors. The park was deserted. All save one person. Dolph was walking thru the park, towards a small copse of trees. He knew that the pack needed to eat some meat and they didn't have the money to buy it. Stealing meat was difficult, as it was hard to get to it unseen, and meat was generally not thrown out in open dumpsters the way that most food was, cuz of the way it attracted rats.

Dolph had often taken a meal among the rats that gathered around the food shop bins, but it was a small meal. However, the waterfowl that lived in the park made a better one, despite the fact that they could not be hunted too often as they would soon be gone if they did. But it was still full moon and Dolph was hungry for fresh meat, as were all the pack. He reached the copse of trees and quickly undressed. Wolves did not wear clothes, and unless the clothes were made of werewolf hair, they didn't change with the 'wolf.

He piled his clothes up under a bush, and changed shape. It was a process which invariably soothed Dolph, as it did for all the werewolves when they discarded the human shape they were generally compelled to take, and instead, took their natural forms. Despite what a lot of humans believed, werewolves were not humans who could take wolf shape, but wolves who could take human shape. Once the change was complete, there stood a white wolf with strange blue eyes, the same size as a wild wolf, but with an aura of strangeness around it.

Dolph didn't take too long in his hunt. He could not afford any stray humans coming on the scene, and in any case, the waterfowl were fat and slow. Stuffed constantly with bread and lacking predators for the most part, save for when, as now, the 'wolves needed meat, the ducks and geese scattered in all directions but it didn't occur to them to fly to get away. Dolph soon had four geese and two ducks lying dead in front of him. He pulled the corpses to the copse, and took a bath in the lake to wash off the blood.

Having done this, he shook himself dry before changing to his human shape. Dolph got dressed as quickly as before and shoved the birds into two bags he'd carried down. They just fit, and carefully brushing away stray feathers, Dolph heaved the bags on to his back. A normal human would never have been able to carry six dead waterfowl, but to Dolph it was easy. Looking around himself, and seeing no-one, he began to make his way back to the derelict house where the rest of the werewolves would be.

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