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xD *insert secret agent music*

Mike watched her go. Please be careful. He turned to Ryan. "Well, this is f*cked up. The girls are out there and we can do a d@mn thing about it. Nor can we protect them or make sure that they are ok."

Alex and Torie finally got to the theater, much to Torie's relief. She was incredibly nervous that he was going to take her somewhere else.

"What play are we seeing?" Torie asked, putting distance between her and Alex. The last thing that she wanted was for him to try and hold her hand or worse, kiss her again.

"We are going to see Wicked. I knew that was one play that you weren't able to see in London, so when I saw it was here, I bought tickets." Alex shrugged.

Torie was surprised. "How thoughtful of you." She said, caught off guard. What is he getting at? Why would he choose the one play that I didn't get to see. Great, now I am going to be worrying about him instead of watching this amazing play.

He slipped his hand into her and held onto it, tightly. They went into the theater and found their seats. The seats were in the boxes and perfect. She knew that he had spent a lot of money on this, which puzzled her even more.

"Alexander, I am going to go use the ladies room." Torie informed him, hoping to sneak a text to Ryan.

"Leave your purse." He said, looking at the stage.

"What?" She asked, not sure that she heard him correctly.

"I said, leave your purse. That way, I know that you are coming back."

She smiled. "Of course." She left her purse, leaving her phone in it.

Once she got back, she noticed another couple was in the booth with them. Alex smiled and motioned her over. Just great. Torie thought, smiling through the anger. "Alexander, who are your new friends?" She asked.

He slipped his arm around her. "Victoria, this is Heather and George Campbell."

"Nice to meet you." Torie said, extending her hand.

"Alexander was just telling us how you two met over in London. You two do look like such an adorable couple."

"Ohhh...why thank you." Torie really wanted to hit him. "Yes, it was...unexpected to say the least."

Thankfully, the show started and Torie didn't have to talk anymore.

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