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Default Game of Thrones - 08-17-2013, 04:26 AM

I understood nobody has yet made a thread for the awesomeness that is GoT. This is not okay at all, because this show is amazing in the highest degree.

Thread for the equally amazing books can be found here, made by Elanorea because she got ahead of us by freaking years.

Everyone must now spill who their favourite character is and why, and which house they want to come out on top. If you haven't watched the show yet, then I'll just go ahead and link you to the first episode as it is imperative you expose yourself to the epicosity quickly, and it's definitely good burning half an hour with if you have nothing else to distract you.

Meanwhile, time to get my squee on. I'm a Daenerys Targaryen supporter. Starks, Lannisters, Greyjoys and the rest can get out- only the dragon may sit the Iron Throne!

Behold her gloriousness;

But I can't tell you why she's so epic because;

Seriously, this show is good. The plot is absolutely magnificent and there's no crappy filler at all; every second is packed to the brim with events and important stuff going down. The characters (of which there are many) are highly rounded and very well done, and they develop fantastically as times go on. Weaklings become great, cowards become brave, heroes turn to monsters and people you thought were good are revealed as the scum of the earth. There are no Disney villains; everyone has at least some small redeeming features and a valid reason to do what they do. There are also no flawless protagonists. None.

The show's also pretty special because it adheres closely to the books instead of being defiled by noob screenwriters and brutalised with adaption rape. The individual roles and actions of certain characters change, but overall the level of genius found in ASOIAF carries over and whatever is altered is actually better off that way.

People who haven't watched it for some reason seem to take the show for a thinly-veiled p0rno flic, which it definitely is not. There are sex scenes, but most of them are relevant to the plot. Except where Theon's concerned, but let's just disregard him, as those tend to be more a case fan disservice than anything else. You'll swear they're doing it just to troll the audience and make them cringe, seriously.

Oh, and just a little warning; everyone can die, and they do, with alarming frequency. George R.R. Martin seems to enjoy torturing his characters and that was definitely not lost in translation. Oh no.

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