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Real Name: Alyssa Monterro
"Hippy" Name (ie, Sunshine, Daisy...): Jade
Age (15-25): 21
Appearance: Long black hair that white streaks dyed into it, average height, slender and fit, not repulsive looking but not drop dead gorgeous.
Reason you are there (protester, protester's friend...): Undercover cop who happened to have a friend who is a hippie
Thoughts on Aliens:
Personally: Bring it. We have enough guns and ammo to blow them to bits.
On the outside: Wouldn't it be awesome to meet an alien? I wonder if they are really green....
Personality (Flaws and all): She is loyal, ambitious, and adventurous. She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty to get where she needs to be. She can be mean and cruel but only when she has to.
Bio/Other: Being one of only 3 women police officers on the force, she is continually having to prove herself. She loves her job but just about hates the guys that she works with.

Real Name: Annabella Tophie
"Hippy" Name (ie, Sunshine, Daisy...): Sage
Age (15-25): 20
Appearance: Long strawberry blonde hair, average height but a tad on the bigger side but pretty. She has a heart tattoo on her hip.
Reason you are there (protester, protester's friend...): Protester
Thoughts on Aliens: "Let them eat cake!"
Personality (Flaws and all): She is young and always been sheltered by her parents and friends. She is naive, optimistic, and compassionate but hates confrontation and is easily submissive.
Bio/Other: She grew up in a small town, with small minded parents. They disagree with what she is doing and now refuse to talk to her. She has family in San Francisco but they also have refused to talk to her. She has never felt so alone in her life.

Alyssa walked into the chief's office. She knocked, tentatively. She was always getting called into here, either for being too rude to a cop or for whatever else the Chief could come up with. By the time her career is over, she is going to have her own filing cabinet. "Come in." The Chief called out. She took a deep breath and opened the door. "You wanted to see me Chief Smith."
He looked up. "Ahh, Officer Monterro. I am glad you came in. I have a new assignment for you. Please take a seat." He gestured at the two seats in front of him. She quickly sat down. "Now as you know, we are one of the epicenters of this new "hippie" movement. Well, the governor doesn't like it and wants it to be stop. However, direct communication and threats only seem to make the situation worse. We are sending in about 6 cops undercover to find out who the ring leader or leaders are and how best to stop them. Are you interested?"

She nodded. "Yes sir. I am--Oh...I am just slightly speechless at the moment. Do you have my undercover file and who the other 5 are. Also what is the safe word and-"

"Slow down." He chuckled. "Just a simple yes will do for now. I am going to set you up with Officer Torton to get everything you will need. Also, we have a safe house in place for you to stay at so you don't have use your own address. Now, Torton is waiting for you."

She jumped up and headed for Tortons office.

Being single doesn't make you weak, it means that you are strong enough to be on your own; Being alone could be a good thing, because there is no drama involved in your life, no pain, and free to do what ever you want. Life is too short to be chasing those who aren't even worth fighting for, you are worth more than that.

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