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((OMG, I am sooooooo sorry for this long @ss post that you'll have to read. I did not think it was that long! It's mostly short paragraphs of dialogue, so it's shouldn't be that bad...))

Ryan went home and arrived shortly after 6:30. "The wait is over, I'm home." He said as he walked inside, "What's that I smell? Stew?"

"Yep. It's my slow-cooked beef stew. I worked today, so I it seemed like the perfect idea." Jane said, already starting to pour the very chunky stew into bowls. She put the stew on the table along with some buttered toast.

"Jane makes the best stew." Ryan sat at the table.

"Well, I taught her everything she knows." His father, a larger man with a scruffy beard, was sitting at the other end of the table with a bottle of beer, "I must've taught her well."

"I think that in this case, the student surpassed the teacher." Jane bragged, joining the men at the table. "Eat up, everyone. I made lots. If there's any left over, it'll make a good lunch."


Ella's family didn't have dinner together often. Unless it was a special occasion, or the weekend, her parents believed they 'didn't have time to cook a meal', so she made herself a salad and sat in the living room beside her mother.

Her mother was a short and pudgy woman. Her father was tall, average build, and bald. She was a banker working 10-6, and he was a defense lawyer who usually worked 9-5, but often worked nights if they were working on an important case. Today, her dad was working.

A news broadcast about The Program came on.

... And in other news, the new suicide prevention plan, The Program, has been in effect for only the past couple days, but already 29 kids from the local high school, Lincoln High, have been transferred to The Program for evaluation.

I'm here with inventor of The Program, England-native David Rice. Hello David, it's a pleasure to be on the phone with you today.

Thank you for having me.

David, how did you come up with this life-saving idea?

My own son was struggling with depression a while back now, and I was determined to fix it. I used the same techniques The Program uses now to cure my son. I wished to help parents of suicidal teens rescue their children from this epidemic.

By the same techniques, you mean you cleared his memories?

I mean that I cleansed him of harmful memories, yes. A small price to pay for your child's life.

Were you surprised by the number of students all over the US being sent to The Program in the first 2 days?

No. No, I was not. Many teens are sick and have trying to hide that fact for a while; initial numbers were expected to be high.

Do you recommend parents turn in their children if they see symptoms?

Very much so. Your child may be upset being taken to The Program, but afterward they will have no recollection of the event. If there's even a doubt, I would most certainly send them in. Supervisors from The Program can only do so themselves if they are showing multiple - if not every - symptoms.

Thank you again David.

... Meanwhile in New York, a severe thunderstorm caused blackouts throughout the city. More on that story, at 11...

Ella turned the TV off. Her mother looked at her, "Is something wrong?"

"I don't understand it."

"What don't you understand, Ella?"

"The Program. How is it even legal?"

"Ask your father when he gets home. I'm sure he'd know. I believe it's because before you're 18, you're not legally an adult. That's why no one over 18 is eligible for it."

"... I wish I was 18 already. This is f*cking ridiculous." Ella mumbled.

"I'm sorry, Ella? What did you say?"

"I SAID THIS IS F*CKING RIDICULOUS." This time, she yelled.

"Go to your room right now, young lady."

"Fine, I was going to go to my room anyway." Ella took her salad and stomped to her room, slamming the door behind her.

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