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Name: Victoria "Torie" Freemon
Age: 17
Appearance: she is tall, slender, and slightly tanned with almond shaped eyes and quiet smile. Torie wears her hair auburn hair in either a tight bun or in a French braid that reaches mid back. She is usually seen in not so modest clothes and heels.
Personality: Torie is quick to judge and hard to forgive. Usually once she has made an opinion of someone it doesn't change. She doesn't talk a whole like but will make her opinions known. She has lost most of her friends after she found her best friend body and suicide note. Torie also lost her cousin in an apparent suicide. Ever since, she has with drawn from most of her friends and family. Torie's parents aren't around much, seeing as her father works for a major construction company overseas and her mother follows her husband everywhere. They claimed that the schools around where they live are not good enough for their intelligent daughter but Torie knows better. The only family she really has are the servants that clean her house and wait on her.


Name: Mickeal White
Age: 16
Appearance: short spiky black hair, ridiculously tall, slender. He has short rimmed glasses, usually found wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He is always trying to be goofy except when it comes to baseball. He is the first basemen and very proud of it but not in a cocky way. He also lives in a more well to do neighborhood but both of his parents are home. His two sisters (Anna 19 and Tara 13) are also at home. He has yet to see any of his friends commit suicide. He doesn't really see what the big fuss is all about.

Torie clicked the TV off and sighed, realizing that if she wanted to avoid this "program" she was going to have to start acting like her friends and cousins deaths didn't affect her, like they never happen. She would have to act like she cared about the world that killed Maria and Ginny, act like she didn't care coming home to an empty house and an even emptier heart. She shook her head and grabbed her back pack from off the counter top. "Bye Frankie. Thanks for breakfast." She walked towards the front door, pausing as she glanced at a picture taking when she was 6 years old. It was her mother, father, and herself sitting in front of the Forbidden Kingdom in Beijing China. She picked up the photo and threw it across the room, letting the glass shatter everywhere. Kita came scrambling into the room. "Torie, are you ok? The glass didn't cut you did it?" Torie smiled. "No Kita. It didn't. But go ahead and just throw the picture, frame and glass away." Kita nodded. "Yes, Torie. And have a great day at school. Remember to smile. You always look so pretty when you smile." Kita hugged her before she went rushing to get a broom. Torie gave a small smile and walked out the door, ready to put on a show.


"Dear Lord, Tara, how long does it take you to get ready?" Mike shouted. "If you don't hurry up, I will make you take the bus!"
"I'm coming!" Tara shouted, sliding down the banister. "Jeez, Mikey. Why are you shouting? I was only taking a few minutes to make sure I looked ok."
He rolled his eyes. "Are you ready?"
She nodded. Mike grabbed his backpack and they started walking out the door.

Edit: ok basically posting so that way if my IPAD logs me out I don't lose all my info XD
Edit 2: ok so gonna add another character but will do it later. =}

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