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Open Para:

Name: Evelyn Parker
Age: 16
Kingdom: Ki
Race: Human
Career: N/A
Year: 1st
Appearance: Dark brown hair usually pulled into a French braid that lands about mid-back, green eyes, average height and fit.
Personality: Evelyn is young and it shows. She is gullible, naďve, and stubborn but she is also loyal, sometimes even to a fault, to those she believes deserves her loyalty, caring, and adventurous.

Open Para: Evelyn got out of her parents car only to gaze upon her knew school. Oh my god! This place is huge! Oh my god! This place is huge! Another car door slams bringing her out of the trance. “Evie, sweetie, come help me with your bags.” Her mother’s voice called. “Mom, I told you not to call me that. And did you guys really have to bring me here. I don’t see anyone else’s parents here.” Evelyn whined, walking over to the trunk of their car. She gazed down at the five large bags in the trunk. “And Mom do you really think I need ALL of these bags. I mean, I’m gonna be back in three months.”

“Evelyn, you never know what you are going to need being here. Now, why don’t I go get one of those carts so you can take everything inside.” Her mother smiled and ran off to get a cart.

Evelyn sighed. “Ev-you ok?” Her father asked. “I’m just scared, Dad. I mean, it’s such a big school and what if I get lost or the rebels attack or” She was cut off by a hug from her father. “I want you to promise me something, Evelyn. While you are here, I don’t want you to worry about your mother and I. Don’t worry about the rebels attacking and certainly don’t worry about getting lost. You are going to be fine, kid.” Evelyn nodded and hugged her dad tighter. “I promise.” She whispered, hoping she could keep this promise.
Her mother came back over.

“Awww, what did I miss?” She smiled. “Here, let’s get your bags on the cart. You don’t want to be late for your first day, do you.”

Evelyn smiled and helped her parents load the bags up. She gave them both hugs and said goodbye, then walked into the school yard.

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