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Name: Sanctuary
Age: 18
Type: A silver fox half breed. Her ears are a silver with black tips and her tail is silver with speckles of black. Her hair is like liquid shiver and her eyes are cosmic green, a saturated yellow green.
Personality: Sassy, stubborn and friendly are the traits best to describe Sanctuary. Of course, Sanctuary can be a very nasty woman and will lash out at any man or woman who doesn't treat her right. She's also prone to have a bit of a temper and voice her opinion, but nothing too bad.
Bio: At a young age, she was chosen to be a concubine to serve at the whims of countless Masters and Mistresses. She usually wasn't kept by them long all of them stating she was a rebel and voiced her opinions a bit too much. Even after punishments, she wouldn't change herself and would lash back until she was dumped on to another Master or Mistress. Now, she's being pushed to any one who is willing to be her Master.

Name: Azalea
Age: 16
Type: A red bat half breed. Her arms, like regular bats, are her wings. Of course, being this type of half breed she does have fingers that are fully functional. She doesn't have a tail, but she has semi-large ears that allow her to hear exceptionally well. As for physical appearance, she has long red-orange curly hair and sharp orange eyes. Her skin is a little pink, but other wise she's fairly pale.
Personality: Very sensuous, sassy, and a bit hot headed are terms Aza heard when customers describe her. From her long red hair to curvy figure and killer legs, she can grab the attention of everyone. Of course she has a large bit of confidence and is pegged to be vain and a drama queen, she does have a heart of gold under all of that.
Bio: Aza showed her interest in dance and singing once she was exposed to it from her Master's eldest child. She was trained in both arts and shined greatly. She was eventually dropped at a cavern wishing for a dancer and singer. She was trained even more to add sensual movements with her dancing and to use her powerful, jazz voice to reach into the hearts of the cavern regulars. Aza was eventually sold to an entertainment club as their dancer and singer. She wowed the crowd there until the owner had to let her go, not because she was bad, but he needed fresh talent and she was still underage at the time. So, now she's back in the auctioning ring.

Name: Axel
Age: 20
Type: He's a lion demon. A pure lion demon. His human form has wild red-gold hair, gold-green eyes and light tan skin. He's pretty tall and thin with some muscles. Though, his most striking feature is his feminine hips- of course they are natural. In his animal form, he's the typical lion, just a little bigger in size and his fur has the slightest hint of red.
Personality: Sly, loyal, and a pure trouble maker, Axel grew up like a true rebel. He does have his sweet side and won't be afraid to get in a fight to protect someone he cares about either. However, he does have a bad habit of smoking.
Bio: Axel was one of those fortunate male demons who got away due to the help of active demon protection enthusiasts. He was taken away and was raised for sometime in a home for demons. Eventually, he was taken to another home and then another. His adoptive "parents" didn't want the poor male demon to die at the hands of humans. At the age of eighteen, he ended up at the sanctuary Mara started and has been there since.


Sanctuary sighed and rolled her eyes. The auctions were going to start once again. She was going to be bought once again. Taken back to her Master or Mistresses home, she was going to do something out-of-line and given to another. It was a vicious cycle she couldn't get out of. It wasn't her fault that none of her owners thought she was a being capable of thought, emotions and opinions. She flipped her long hair over her shoulder, this was going to be a long day.


Aza hummed to herself, eyes scanning over the concubines. She had seen some of them before and some were new, especially the dog girl and the little boy in her lap. Her brother perhaps? Cute, but sad. They would eventually get split apart, however, if they were lucky, they could go to the same owner. Though, the chance of that seemed a little slim.

She blew a piece of hair from her face, she leaned over towards them, "You look nervous, doll." She softly purred, crossing one curvy leg over the other.


Axel blew a smoke ring into the air. There was buzz everywhere about the auction. He went a few times before, but didn't stay long. The people there know when a demon is in their presence. He shook his head and tossed his cigarette out the window, then closed it. The poor souls being sold, he hoped they would go to good owners or at least decent ones.

He walked down the hall and took a left, stopping just a little short of where Mara sat, "Yo, you look troubled." He ruffled his hair, "Though I have a feeling it has to do with the bas-tards again."

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